Tuesday, 20 March 2007

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Anti-Semitism in France - amongst the ruling elite anyway.
Former French Prime Minister Raymon Barre has sparked an uproar within the Jewish community after accusing “the Jewish lobby” of making “a scapegoat” of Maurice Papon, a French senior official who signed deportation orders for hundreds of Jews in the Bordeaux region during WWII.

In an interview last week with France Culture, a state-run radio station, Barre also said that “opposing the deportation of Jews had not been a matter of “major national interest.”

Al Qaeda's increased use if Poison Gas in Iraq.
On February 20, five were killed and 140 sickened after a chlorine attack in Baghdad. On February 21, a chlorine attack in Taji killed 9 and made 150 sick. On January 28, 16 were killed in chlorine bombing attack in Ramadi. "Suicide car bombers have used chlorine against Iraqis in Al Anbar a total of five times since January 28," notes the Multinational Forces Iraq press release. Chlorine gas is readily available in Iraq as it is used for water purification and a wide variety of industrial uses.

Two chlorine bomb factories were discovered in Karma and Fallujah by Coalition forces on February 21.

The Steve Stanton Story, a support site, and an MP3 audio Interview.

Why I had a few problems with my electrolysis just before leaving for Thailand. The scabs were still there a month later, indicating severe damage. Oops.

Great Moments in the Annals of Psychiatry - you see, some Judeo-Christian Family First group is opposing granting human rights in Vermont to TS people on the grounds that we're Nutcases. Stop discrimination against TS people, and soon you'll be doing the same for Axe Murderers... that's their line. And yes, right now, Transsexuality is an intractable psychiatric condition according to the DSM-IV, the Psychiatric Diagnostics Manual. Of course, once you've had "the op" you're cured. But really, the whole thing is a farce. Gender Dysphoria is a symptom of an underlying neurological Interesex condition, not a psychiatric illness. As far as we can tell, anyway. And outlying cases like mine are inexplicable any other way. It's just an excuse now being used to justify our oppression.
According to every respected body of mental health experts such as the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, and both psychological diagnostic manuals DSM-IV and ICD-10, people with a "strong and persistent cross-gender identification and a persistent discomfort with their sex or a sense of inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex" suffer from gender identity disorder, or gender dysphoria.
So far, so good.
A significant number of sufferers choose to avoid gender norms, using partial surgical alteration and/or hormones to exhibit both male and female physical traits (i.e. "she/males").
Using the word SheMale is like using the word Nigger to describe African-Americans. It is used only in the Porn industry, which is probably where the author got it from.
Treatment includes both gender reassignment, (a very small minority) as well as counseling to enable the individual to stay within gender norms.

No one chooses to suffer a mental disorder. However, we question efforts which, under the pretext of equality, actually favor one mental disorder for protections to the exclusion of all others, such as depression, anorexia, kleptomania, etc.
[The Author] Stephen Cable of Rutland is president of Vermont Renewal.
..."a grassroots organization with the primary goal of promoting and defending traditional family and moral values based on the Judeo-Christian worldview that Vermont and the entire United States were founded upon." according to their website. You know, I agree with so much of what they say, it's sad to see them going astray like this. I can't blame them though when the Psychiatric establishment is 20 years behind the times.

I'm still not used to being a 4th class citizen, you see. Expected to hide my shame, my past. Expected to not make a fuss if I'm treated as subhuman.

Other required reading. I'm still playing catch-up in many ways. But I'm achieving good progress in this area. There are just so many, many things that I should have learnt from my Mother, my Sister, my Girlfriends at school, and learning the Theory now at age 49 seems surreal.

One final thing: one person has donated a considerable amount to help my medical expenses, but insists on anonymity. He is a committed and born-again Christian. So many who persecute us do so out of ignorance: and so many of those who help us do so because they try to follow Jesus' example.

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Annalucia said...

Re: electrolysis/thermolysis. As an exceptionally hairy female I had electrolysis for years - and years - and years. After a dozen years or so it got to the point where I'd go once a month, my face would look clear for about 2 weeks and then my (very black) chin spinach would start growing back.

Now I just get my face waxed every two weeks. I look cleaner longer, and I think the hair really *is* beginning to thin out, finally. It also helps that the hair is mostly gray now, and not so visible even when it's there.

BTW - about learning about female sexuality from mothers/sisters/girlfriends - don't delude yourself. We're of the same generation, pretty much (I turn 55 next month) and I assure you my sisters and girlfriends were as ignorant as I was. As for my mother, well, this was a woman who called me a ``whore'' for wanting to know how babies are made, so she wasn't much use. This is something you learn on your own, with the help of a good man ;-)

Good luck...