Monday, 5 March 2007

Tagged for Tunes

Calamity Jane has tagged me, thusly:
Take your iPod, you have to switch it to random and list (truthfully) the first ten songs + artists. If you don't have an iPod (like me) you will probably have to use your iMagination instead.

Answers on your blogs please and then you have to TAG another 5 peeps - let the fun begin. And that's an order.
No, a Vodka, Lime and Tonic, that's an order.

Well, I don't have an iPod as such, but I do have a neat little mp3player/memorystick/fm radio/memo recorder. Close enough.
  1. Stay With Me - Shakespear's Sister
  2. Ommadawn Pt2 - Mike Oldfield
  3. Dr Who Theme Remix - The Prydonian Renegades
  4. Tubular Bells Pt1 - Mike Oldfield
  5. Dr Who Series 2 Theme - BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  6. Tubular Bells Pt2 - Mike Oldfield
  7. Dr Who Series 1 Theme - BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  8. Hergest Ridge Pt2 - Mike Oldfield
  9. Telstar - The Tremelos (1966) Tornados 1962 (thanks to reader J. for the correction)
  10. Hergest Ridge Pt 1 - Mike Oldfield
Ummm - did I mention that I like Mike Oldfield's albums? And being fair, each of those tracks is 20+ minutes long, and contains several movements. The albums are Symphonies in all but name.

Now who to tag... Matt, Morgan, Lloyd, Nilknarf (she lost her Dad recently, so go over there and give her a virtual hug), and Bubblehead.


Calamity Jane said...

Zoe you are SUCH a geek :-) And you remembered my favourite drink ... hic

Zoe Brain said...

Um...I guess it shows, doesn't it? God, I am a Geek and always was.

And it's my favourite drink too, though I nearly always omit the Vodka.

Morgan said...

Oh, thanks for the tag! And sorry I haven't been around very much recently...