Monday, 23 April 2007

Here is the Weather Forecast

A Gregorian Anglican Chant I've been looking for for 40 years or so, since I first heard it.

An animated stereogram of a shark.

And finally, the TRUTH about Darwin.
Being a TRUE and IMPARTIAL account of the history of that damnable religion, the great EVIL of DARWINISM, also called EVOLUTIONISM and its attempts to bring the downfall of all moral and TRUE CHRISTIAN ™ virtue.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Based on accounts of the events which form this evil history written by the best historians of the evil devices of DARWINISM and EVOLUTIONISM, and based on the best scientific principle of SUBJECTIVITY, and rejecting utterly the ATHEIST doctrine of OBJECTIVITY which clouds the mind of mankind and leads to the rejection of TRUE CHRISTIANITY ™.

Written by a TRUE BELIEVER.

Chapter I

William Smith, his white shirt unlaced to show the bronzed muscular body it barely covered, pondered the rocks.

"Dig here, Lads" His commanding voice rang out across the assembled crowd of thugs and cutthroats, every one a devoted evilutionist intent on overthrowing true Christianity (TM). "We'll bury them here".

The foundries and factories had been working at full capacity for years, manufacturing exquisitely detailed ammonites, graptolites and molluscs by the million. The funds of the evilutionists were vast, and they had not spared any detail in their dastardly plot.........

UPDATE: In response to a comment on its provenance, the story of the Weather Forecast is available It is by the Master Singers, and was first broadcast (in the K, naturally) in 1966. I first heard it when I was on vacation from my boarding school.

And as a special treat, the UK Highway Code from the same group.


1212121212 said...

Thankyou very much for the mp3, which is not only fun but (for people stuck on the Canadian prairie) very evocative of England. But who's it by and where's it from?
Hope everything's going well for you, by the way.

mythusmage said...

Do the folks at Panda's Thumb now about the truth about evilution? :)

BTW, when are you getting a good photo of you up on your blog. What you have up now is rather dark, and you're a good looking broad, girl.

Anonymous said...

Love the chant and also the shark composed of "hundreds and thousands" ;-)

Zoe Brain said...

Re the Weather Forecast Chant : As seen in the update, I did some research and tracked down the provenance. 40 years was a good guess, it's actually 40-41. However, it is an Anglican not a Gregorian chant. I should have known this, I was a ok, boy, in a High Anglican Church at the time. St Mary the Virgin, Twyford. 6d for practice, 1/- for Services, 2/6d for Weddings, and the Jackpot, a full five bob for Funerals. Not that I ever sang for one. The Weddings were lovely though, and a reassuring smile for a nervous bride was an easy thing to give. I loved those.

I'm already at the stage of transition where it's difficult remembering that my body looked male, especially when I was young.

Girls weren't allowed in the choir in those days - so I guess I was a first, really. I do remember it was terribly difficult the first time I put on a ruff and surplice. Too effeminate, you see, I felt it might give my secret away. I so wanted to be part of a group though, and not so isolated and alone.

I've just remembered that. So much I had to forget to keep up the boy act! I thought I'd recovered everything, but it seems not. *SIGH*

I wonder what else is buried? And what event will trigger the retrieval?

Zoe Brain said...

I might have another picture soon - the editors of COSMOS (not to be confused with Cosmo) want one to go with an article I was interviewed for.

1212121212 said...

Thanks for the extra information and, of course, the extra mp3.
Should have guessed that George Martin had something to do with it. (It's a pity that his connection with the Beatles tends to obscure the fact that he was famous in his own right before they came along, and did many other things besides producing their songs.)
It was interesting, too, to hear the section of the HIghway Code on "marching bodies". Is that even in the Code any more?!

Zoe Brain said...

Section 1-33/5 Organised Walks appears to be the equivalent :

5: Organised walks. Groups of people should use a path if available; if one is not, they should keep to the left. Look-outs should be positioned at the front and back of the group, and they should wear fluorescent clothes in daylight and reflective clothes in the dark. At night, the look-out in front should carry a white light and the one at the back a red light. People on the outside of large groups should also carry lights and wear reflective clothing.

I left the UK in October 1968, and hadn't read the Highway Code since then. But my Google-Fu is strong.

1212121212 said...

Oh, organised walks. Some might expect a Highway Code, aimed mainly at drivers, to give clear instructions on how to run walkers over and dispose of their corpses without fuss, but of course the government can't be seen to be endorsing such notions.
Still, "marcing bodies" sounded a lot more evocative - you know,uniforms, weapons, orders being barked, maybe a rousing song or two. Granted, that's more 1936 than 1966, isn't it?
But thanks again for the mp3s and the nostalgia!

PS (just in case): the above remarks are *not* intended seriously.

Zoe Brain said...

Glad to be of service - from each according their abilities, to each according to their needs.

Hang on.... I'm supposed to be a RWDB and NeoCon. Forget I said that!

Anonymous said...

The chant reminds me of something similar produced by an Australian vocal group in the 1970s,where they sang a section of the Australian quarantine regulations.

I think this was available on an ABC CD called "Wagner's rinse cycle" or something similar.