Sunday 8 April 2007

Not Reassuring

From The Australian, about the "Cat's Meat" Mufti, the Thick Sheik, Sheik Taj al Din al Hilali:
AFIC President Ikebal Patel has today denied a report in Fairfax newspapers which claimed AFIC had sacked the sheik from the position of mufti, and abolished the position. "No, we haven't sacked the mufti ... (Sheik Hilali) is still the mufti," Mr Patel told Sky News this morning.

He said the report, which claimed AFIC had severed all ties with Sheik Hilali, could be discounted.

However, he confirmed the sheik's pay had been suspended some time last year.

"The position of mufti itself is very much there and the ... incumbent, while not being paid for the position, is still the holder of the position," he said.
"I will probably be scoffed at when I say this, but he's probably one of the most moderate of the imams in Australia..."
I have news for Mr Patel: no we're not scoffing, that is what we are afraid of. That the Sheik's views are not held by a Lunatic Fringe, but a sizeable proportion of the Islamic community here, including most of the Clerics.


Anonymous said...

If he were 'moderate' and representational of the greater part of the islamic community, that would be cause for concern, Zoe. However, I don't believe for a second he is. He's just a half-wit and an embarrassment to the faith.

Zoe Brain said...

He's certainly nothing like the Islamic PhD students I work with every day. By coincidence, 3 of the 5 PhD students my supervisor has under his wing are Muslim. None of us were born in Australia, and I'm the only Aussie. Though even I have dual citizenship...

Anyway, the interesting discussions I have with the guy from the Saudi Space Institute about Space Ops are only matched by our discussions about Religion.

He is tolerant enough to treat a woman as his equal. He's super-tolerant in that I make no apology for having done work for the IDF. I haven't told him about my medical history though, his tolerance has already exceeded all reasonable expectations.

Maybe I'm being Racist, or Xenophobic, but I don't think so. He's a likeable guy, I respect him, and hope to be as tolerant as he is.

And as the Mufti is not. Though even there, he's honest.

I've seen no evidence from the Lebanese Muslim community around Lakemba that the Sheik is not a moderate, and less than is convincing from other areas.