Thursday, 26 April 2007

A Super Website

The Superman Website.
I was never a fan of that comic, too many illogicalities that bothered me even at the age of 6.

But this is a cultural Icon, the Super Hero sui generis, and on the site you'll find some pretty good fiction too.

And artwork, from the Art Deco of Action Comics #1 in 1938....

To the Realist Minimalist of All-Star Superman #1 in 2006

For Truth Justice and Freedom (and/or The American Way when I was young). Which makes it kind of ironic inasmuch as he was an undocumented Alien.


gus3 said...

I would hesitate to call it "ironic", given that the butt-busting immigrants of the 1930's (even in the Great Depression they wanted in!) would have nothing but scorn for the welfare-leechers of 2007. It used to be shameful to apply for public assistance in the USA; now many consider it a right, on par with Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


L.A. Times sports writer Mike Penner is about to become Christine Daniels. It's well-written, with some good humor about the stumbling and bumbling that goes with explaining the impending surgery. Of course, you probably already have 2,784,996 other message letting you know.

(linked to AM New York, because the LA Times site wants a kidney to read the whole story)

Zoe Brain said...

Sports Journalists on the subject. Some of whom are getting quite an education.