Wednesday 11 April 2007

Time for a new Look?

I stopped updating my blog picture about a year ago. Before then, I'd updated it about every month. Well, I had to, my appearance changed from month-to-month.
But around January 2006, when I finally went onto full-strength Hormone Replacement Therapy, guaranteed to cause changes.... things stuck. Or rather, instead of moving at inexplicably rapid speed, they proceeded at the normal, glacial rate expected when giving HRT to someone in her 40's.
Anyway, the blog picture on the left was taken a year ago - in late March 2006. Now I've been told I look younger now, and SRS sometimes does that. It sometimes increases effectiveness of HRT too, and in my case, it may be doing that as well. I just need to lose weight - some of my winter clothes DON'T FIT! AGH!
Anyway, I was thinking of getting a makeover and a pro photographer to take a glamour shot of me. I've never had one - heck, I still haven't had a facial - Heck I haven't ever had my hair styled! Or a Manicure, or a Pedicure, or any of a number of other luxuries I've promissed myself.
Then again, my budget just got hit with 4 $38 standard prescriptions for antibiotics, and with Andrew going to the Easter Show, well, money's tight.

I took a photo using my laptop's webcam, just to see what I looked like now. Not Bad, and maybe I should update my blog pic. Anyway, I thought I'd fish for compliments - so am I using the right bait? Answers in the negative will be given dirty looks, but not deleted, that's not my style.

You know, according to the Birth Certificate, that picture, unretouched, no makeup, is of a 49 year old man. I don't know about any of my readers, but I find that concept sidesplittingly funny!


Autumn Sandeen said...

You look great in your webcam photo. :) I'd update your profile pic, for sure, because you actually look younger in your newer pic. :)

spatiallydiffusedbudgie said...

You need to ask?

You're right, though. After SRS, there are some rather impressive changes in one's skin - and other things, too.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, you look better than I do.

New picture, definitely. But brush your hair out of your eyes.

Anonymous said...

No, leave the hair. If you walked up to me and asked me out to dinner, looking like that, I'd probably get all flustered and babble like an idiot.

Calamity Jane said...

From the little I can see of you - you look great. Smiling too which is brilliant. Post a bigger pic next time, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I new you had changed, didn't realise you were getting younger.

Nicole Joy said...

Your new pic shows you as you are -- a lovely, happy young woman.

Leave the hair in its artful disarray and use the new picture.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe

there's nothing wrong with fishing for compliments, only with not getting any :(. It's hard to judge fully from a small photograph, but I'd say you're looking good, and with a bit of luck bid fair to become a gorgeous brunnete.


Zoe Brain said...

Even though my hair really is a mess, I'm going with Jan and Nicole's advice. The deshabile look.

Thanks, everyone.

The Face is OK, now to work on the figure.... I confess I never knew I had this in me. The photo is extremely flattering, but even making allowance for that... I look OK. I really do. Gosh.

Even had I started transition in, say, 1975, I don't think I would have ended up looking much better. My skeleton was set when I was 10 years old - I've seen pictures of me even earlier that show I was always broad and squat, never elfin as I wanted to be.

But unlike so many, it looks as if I had enough insensitivity to Testosterone for it not to be as big a problem as it is for most. I lucked out.

Now pardon me, I have a lot of blessings to count, starting with all the wonderful people, old friends and new, who have commented. Thanks!