Monday, 16 April 2007

Weekend Reading (and Writing)

Lessons from the Varsity if Life - how the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides came to be, by Baden-Powell himself. I wonder if my mother remembers explaining to me why I couldn't join the Brownies? I'd forgotten it myself until recently. No, I didn't join the Cubs, that wasn't me.

Some people have very odd ideas about Feminine beauty. Note: some pix not safe for work too.
One person nominated this site for the “most bitter website” award because it describes Heidi Klum as masculine. She was flabbergasted, like no doubt some other people are when they come across Heidi Klum being called masculine, which is likely not at a whole lot of places apart from this site.
My flabber was thoroughly gasted, anyway. Technically, he's correct, Heidi does show some effects of a normal female amount of testosterone in her face. But then, all women not overweight do, unless they're genetic males with CAIS.

Terchnology that could allow people with 46xx genes to be fathers. Also applicable to people with 47xxy genes, and those with 46xy genes but no gonads. Like me....

Pk = 2.0. The Japanese Lunge Mine. Yes, a Kamikaze weapon.

Thoughts on Women in the Military, from my unusual perspective. The main disadvantage is the effect on the menfolk when one of the gals gets killed or maimed. They tend to go berserk - which, contrary to many leftist pacifists' beliefs, is Not A Desirable Thing in the Military.

Fat Gene found by Scientists.
A Gene that contributes to obesity has been identified for the first time, promising to explain why some people easily put on weight while others with similar lifestyles stay slim.

Pictures of when Good MRI Machines Go Bad. Or rather, when someone lets a steel chair - or an oxygen tank - get too close to one.

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