Wednesday, 9 May 2007

More Fandom

Comments on the previous post expressed some disbelief that these could be Fen. Some even implied they looked more like the Temperance League Tubercular Choir.

Here's some more typical snaps of the same era. First, my Favourite Giant, Cary Lehahan, AKA Hrolf Halfhand AKA Hrolf Herjolfsen in 1980. Whose device is a double-headed chicken and two fried eggs. Well, that's what it looks like! And yes, he is that big, and looked just the same when I last saw him, at the National SF Con in Canberra last year.

It was at Cary and Marjory's New Years Eve bash in 1979-80 that I fell in love with Carmen, my partner. She arrived with Gordon Lingard, and left with me.

This one is of a typical Fannish activity, date 1983. Jane now lives in Canberra, and filled in a few gaps in my memory of the time when I had Encephalitis in 1979. I wasn't sure that my memories of the time hadn't been corrupted. Generally OK, some gaps, but what was remembered was accurate.


Warren said...

Except Cary is somewhat wider around the middle than he used to be.
If that pic on the left is the latest one of you (I didn't keep up with your blog while I was in Italy), when can we expect the bikini shots?

Zoe Brain said...

Bikini shots? Well, if I lose 25 kg from some places, and gain 10kg in others... which is happening, slowly... then maybe in 2010 or so. Not before.

And it is my latest picture, taken a few weeks ago, though I did a photo shoot for COSMOS magazine yesterday.