Monday, 28 May 2007


Amnesty International's Stop Torture page strongly condemns... the USA. No-one else.

From the BBC, this is the kind of thing they're complaining about:
Afterwards, Mr Khan's personal representative read out a written statement, in which he alleged psychological torture.

"I swear to God this place in some sense worst than CIA jails. I am being mentally torture here," he said.

"There is extensive torture even for the smallest of infractions."

Mr Khan complained about how US guards had taken away pictures of his daughter, given him new glasses with the wrong prescription, shaved his beard off, forcibly fed him when he went on hunger strike, and denied him the opportunity for recreation.

This led him to attempt to chew through his artery twice, Mr Khan said.

Later, Mr Khan produced a list of further examples of psychological torture, which included the provision of "cheap, branded, unscented soap", the prison newsletter, noisy fans and half-inflated balls in the recreation room that "hardly bounce".

Cheap, branded, unscented soap. Worse than the CIA. Right.

This is the real thing. Illustrations from a "How To" Al Qaeda manual recently captured.

Also found and liberated were some prisoners who were being victimised by such techniques.

Pictures from The Smoking Gun

As the Belmont Club states:
The problem with the fake is that it is always shown up by the arrival of the Real Thing. The difference between the two is often so manifest that it seems ridiculous to think that anyone could have been fooled -- even momentarily -- by the counterfeit.

The problem with the word "torture" is that it has been so artfully corrupted by some commentators that we now find ourselves at a loss to describe the kinds of activities that the al-Qaeda interrogation manual graphically recommends. Now that the term "torture" has been put in one-to-one correspondence with such admittedly unpleasant activities as punching, sleep deprivation, a handkerchief pulled over one's face and loaded with water, searches by women upon sensitive Islamic men or the disrespectful handling of Korans -- what on earth do we call gouging people's eyes out?

Answer: we call it nothing. My fearless prediction is that not a single human rights organization will seriously take the matter up. There will be no demonstrations against these barbaric practices, often inflicted upon Muslims by other Muslims, in any of the capitals of the world. Not a single committee in the United Nations will be convened nor will any functionary in the European Union lose so much as a night's sleep over it. The word for these activities -- whatever we choose to call it -- will not be spoken.

Start Listening. All you will hear is the Sounds of Silence.


USpace said...

Good one. Well, if torture is part of their barbaric, sick, evil, sub-human, perverted, vile and demented culture who are we to say it is bad?
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
ignore human rights abuse

give terrorists free pass
villify the best countries

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Anonymous said...

'Good one. Well, if torture is part of their barbaric, sick, evil, sub-human, perverted, vile and demented culture who are we to say it is bad?'

I can't tell if that is supposed to be ironic or not, what with this being the internet and all.

If they do it and it's bad, then it's bad. If we do it we are also bad.

I think people kind of expect Al-Qaeda to do shit like this. That doesn't mean it's ok when america does it - don't forget they are 'enemy combatants', not even soldiers. America's soldiers should be able to lead by example here, they don't, that's why amnesty international condems america.