Saturday, 9 June 2007

There goes the Neighbourhood

What would happen if we got hit by a Large meteor. One that presses the cosmic Biospheric Reset, taking us back to only lithophillic bacteria. Again.

Apologies for the hiatus in blogging - I had a mountain of assignments to mark.

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The world was due to end on 26th November 2007 when the CERN LMC inadvertently triggered a black hole. I rejoiced in this prospect, because the event would increase sales of my book, ‘The Ancient Order of Moridura’, with a similar theme, (an instability caused by a meteor impact creating a nascent singularity) but then I realised that I couldn’t collect my royalties because of the destruction of the planet. Life’s hard sometimes!

However, the end of the world is postponed for a year because of problems with magnets - we must wait until April or May of 2008 for extinction and translation into another brane.

The Higgs boson must be laughing quietly, wherever it is hiding in interstellar space.