Monday, 18 June 2007

UN Human Wrongs

If one was to try to modify the dysfunctional UN Human Rights Commission to make it even worse - a difficult task - you could try a number of measures.

First, change the name to the "UN Human Rights Council", and make sure its membership consists of egregious human rights violators. Sudan. Zimbabwe. That kind of regime.

Get rid of this "criticising a country for human rights violations" bit. Except if it's Israel, then make it mandatory.

Make sure reviews are held every two years, better, every four years, and always in conjunction with representatives of the country concerned. Allow plenty of time, say, oh, three hours for each review. That should be enough to deal with 4 years worth of reports. Make sure that the same time is given for China as for the Seychelles. Especially make sure that all countries are reviewed, North Korea and Luxumbourg treated identically.

These Independent monitors have to go. But in the meantime, make sure they can't actually criticise anyone by imposing a "standard of conduct", one that prohibits 'abusive language' or 'politically motivated communications.'

Get rid of all of the standing mandates to closely monitor the very worst violators. Except for Israel of course. That mandate stays as long as Israel exists.

Then you might have something like the situation reported by, or

Not that you'd know it from Al Reuters.

This is one part of the UN so discredited, it's unsalvageable. Yet we need an International Human Rights body - though not a Human Wrongs one.

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I've just found your blog and, before I read the archives, have bookmarked it. Thanks for writing.