Tuesday, 3 July 2007

For Exercise, For Exercise, For Exercise

The building has just been hit by an Iranian missile. All personnel leave the building and proceed to the evacuation area immediately.

I repeat, For Exercise, For Exercise, For Exercise.

We didn't - we were in the middle of a meeting, with some animals more equal than others.

And as I was writing this, there was a live-fire exercise on the sea outside the hotel. At least, by the lack of response and general relaxation of those in the area, I assume it was an exercise. Might have been rifle calibre guns nearby, though from the reflected flashes, more likely 40mm out to sea. Though there's an anti-aircraft firing range not far away, it could have been that.

Less spectacular by far than the artillery firing range not far from us in Canberra.

I like this place. A lot like Sydney - though I haven't the heart to say to my hosts that their wonderful beaches that they're so proud of aren't up to the quality of those I grew up near, back in Oz.

Looking back on my eventful trip on Saturday, and changing the subject completely, Jerusalem is one heck of an inconvenient place to plonk a city. Seriously, the Old City is built on a small plateau surrounded by rugged mountains - suitable terrain for Mountain Goats and little else. Most of the buildings in the suburbs are built on gradients of over 50 degrees, not so much built on the mountainsides as built into them.

Life continues to be interesting. Not always good, though never boring. And I've just had some of the best hommous I've ever tasted, with falafel, pita bread, onions, chillies, olives... extreme yummyness. As I said, I like this place.

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