Monday, 9 July 2007

Good News From Thailand

I took a risk, travelling to Israel with my medical condition. I didn't think it would worsen it, but there was always a chance that I'd over-do things. The day I arrived in Tel Aviv, things were pretty dire.

But... things started to improve. So much so, that it's now better than it has been for months. I didn't have any Chicken Soup, but I did have lots of Kosher Cooking. Maybe that's it.

A recent medical exam showed the external stuff is still not good, and requires surgical reconstruction under General Anaesthetic. But the bit that was of most concern, the "difficult to get at" bit, is now no longer the size of 2 eggs, but 2 peas. A simple cauterisation should suffice.

So instead of a complex multi-hour procedure, a relatively simple one doable in half an hour or an hour is all I need. Once again, I've lucked out.



mythusmage said...

And there was much rejoicing. :)

Here's hoping the operation goes quickly and well. Consider yourself hugged and given a friendly tickle.

Calamity Jane said...

That's a relief Zoe. Big hugs.


PS - you've been tagged over at my place ... when you're up to it of course.