Tuesday, 17 July 2007

I passed my Medical Exam

Without going into gory details, the first post-operative examination showed that the surgery was a complete success.

Of the 4 areas of concern, two had healed or were healing, and needed no treatment. The one area that was easy to get to, two lesions, were surgically removed, as they were never going to heal no matter what was done to them.

The 4th area was as difficult to get to as possible, and justified the general anaesthetic alone. Not as bad as we feared, worse than we hoped, but surgical cauterisation should have fixed it, the area was quite small. Just very tricky to get to.

I've had some loss - so instead of being 150% of what most surgeons could achieve, given a normal anatomy, I'm down to 140%. Average instead of slightly above average for the surgeon in question, and far better than anything I could have got from anyone else. Vastly better than I'd expected, and still well beyond my wildest dreams.

I'm happy. No more pain, no more blood... it feels good for the first time in 4 months.

There is the possibility of getting further surgery in a year's time - the surgeon offers that, to give a perfect rather than merely good aesthetic result - but I think I'd be pushing my luck. What I want to do now is lose the 20kg(!!!!) of extra weight I've gained through being unable to exercise.


mythusmage said...

When you get back home get yourself a good used bicycle. Get yourself out, exercising, and meeting nice guys. Might meet somebody able to make you comfortable in intimate situations.

Hope the healing is going swiftly and well.

Calamity Jane said...

I'm thinking an elliptical cross trainer would be better than a bike - less pressure on sensitive areas. Granted no social contact though - unless you do it at the gym.

Great to hear that all is doing well Zoe. Oh and thanks for the big up for my blog earlier. xx

mythusmage said...

BTW, Blogger has declared Gates of Vienna a spam blog. Blogger (and Google) do not provide appropriate contact information for situations such as this. Pass word on regarding this situation and urge them to blog about Blogger's behavior.

Gibbo said...

Ease up on that losing 20kg thing will ya? Every time someone loses weight... I seem to find it!

Lloyd Flack said...

So relieved to know that your discomfort and restricted mobility are over. Hoping you have a swift and complete recovery.