Saturday, 14 July 2007

The Morning After the Night Before

Well, I survived. :)

Seriously, it wasn't that bad. What was supposed to be a 30 minute procedure turned into almost 2 hours, but otherwise things went off better than could have been expected. I was put under at 1745 (I looked at the clock as they were giving me the drug) and was semiconscious and in the recovery room at 1945.

Unlike all other times I've been under a general, it wasn't just a matter of "going under...waking up" with no awareness of any gap in between, in this one I had vivid dreams, more real than reality. It was only when I vaguely heard my name being spoken from far away that I realised it was time to don my body again, and return to the Real World. That was still in the operating theatre.

It took a while. It felt peculiar to once again have the bother of having arms and legs, but I knew that as the drug wore off, my brain and body couldn't help but re-connect once more, all I had to do was let it happen.

At 2030 I was walked to my hotel room - and by 2130 I was up and about, still a little unsteady on my pins, but able to grab some delectable sate (I hadn't eaten in 24 hours), and some orange juice from the local supermarket.

Today will be a day of rest, just vegging. The exercise I did yesterday sped up my metbolism to break down the anaesthetic into by-products, now I will rest and let my liver dispose of those. One of the 50 ways to love your liver.

I'm a little sore, but far less so than I have been in the last 4 months. A little blood, but again, nothing near as bad as it was before. Nor quite 100% yet, but heading that way.


mythusmage said...

Actually, waking up 2 hours later means you woke up two hours later. You probably just slept longer than they expected.

Here's hoping you're soon back on your feet and getting some exercise. Any bike shops in your part of town?

Calamity Jane said...

50 ways to love your liver .... love it.

I'm glad that it all went reasonably well. Big choclate dipped hugs.

Zoe Brain said...

Alan, I started waking up in the theatre, not the recovery room, as soon as they discontinued keeping me under. From the feel of it, they did a lot of work down there.

Jane - wonderful to hear from you! You and I both need to lose some weight - want to try together? Just so you don't have to go in any "datk places"?

Hugs back atcha, with Vegemite or Chocolate as you prefer.