Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A Canon for Andrew

To my little son, now turned 6, from Zeddie, who loves him so much.


Anonymous said...

How lovely Zoe. So glad you found a way to do it and had a child. Those of us who were born sterile as a result of these medical conditions and never found a way to have children have holes in our hearts that may never be filled.

Zoe Brain said...

I know.

I was told very early on that my odds of becoming a parent were negligible.

I lived with that for 20 years, never quite totally giving up hope, yet resigned to the reality that I'd never have children.

But sometimes Reality takes a holiday.

Thanks so much, and I hope that you're in a situation where adoption is a possibility. A friend of mine is trying to get her health in good enough shape for a transplant, and then possibly adoption. She's excluded on health grounds now, but would make a wonderful Mum.

Every time I think of how difficult it is for me, and in truth, it's not easy, I count my blessings, and realise just how wonderfully lucky I've been. It gives me incentive to help others, as I can, and simple justice requires it.