Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Today's Battle

There seems so many of them. The tide of ignorance is so vast, the prospect of making any difference seems slim. But women like me aren't known for giving up easily.

So go over to SayAnythingBlog, part of Pyjamas media, and see how at least one person thinks I should be exterminated.


likwidshoe said...

Don't let them get to you.

It makes MY head spin when someone insists that you chose all of this. I can't imagine how it makes you feel to be told that you're a liar and "unnatural".

*sigh* I don't know. What are you gonna do? Just keep on fighting the ignorance and pick your battles wisely I suppose.

In any regard, I hope you stick around Say Anything blog for the other topics. We could always use another thoughtful commenter.

Lloyd Flack said...

Let's see, the commenter that you referred to was obvious filth and everyone else called him out on it. And I think he claimed to be Christian. No evidence of the major Christian values there.

Another commenter was civil but indulging in reprehensible willful blindness. He was not willing to believe transsexuals' own accounts of their experience because if he did so he would have to question God's actions and commands. This was too uncomfortable for him to do so he attributed motives to transsexuals that they denied so that he could feel more comfortable. I call this immorality and cowardice. The accounts of transexals and of homosexuals of their experiences have to be seriously considered and should cause him to reconsider his views. He should not just attempt to dismiss them.

Anonymous said...

Mullet Nazis.

I hate mullet Nazis.