Tuesday, 4 September 2007

60 Seconds of Zoe

I'm in the first day of a 3-day course on "Communicating Science to the Media". I had to give a 60-second presentation about myself:
I'm Zoe Brain, and was born in 1958 not very far away from Windsor Castle in England.
How to compress 49 years of life into 60 seconds?
I could talk about how I came to Australia in 1968, and to Canberra in 1983.
I could talk about some of my achievements, projects I've worked on, from the Fedsat satellite to submarine combat systems. Laser eye surgical devices too.
I could talk about the places I've been to that shaped my life: the snow-covered Bahnhoffstrasse in Zuerich, seeing a sunset from a Destroyer in the middle of the Pacific. I could even talk about the Zeppelin Hangers in Akron Ohio.
I could talk about who I am, the parent of a 6 year old son, an SF fan, a gamer, a political blogger and more.
But there is no time. I'm me, Zoe Brain.
We were supposed to prepare the speech beforehand, but I didn't get that e-mail, so I made it up impromptu.

There is so much more to life than just being TS. I shouldn't let it define myself.


Anonymous said...

Excellent presentation, Zoe. IMHO transsexualism and other intersex conditions, once we have managed to deal with them as best we can, should fall into the background so that we become who we truly are.

mythusmage said...

You mean the blimp hangers in Akron Ohio.

Anonymous said...


The Goodyear hangars are used for blimps today, but they were built to house zeppelins/airships back in 1917.


Nicole (who can't log in from here)