Monday, 15 October 2007

I hadn't thought of that

From George Junior, a blog I really should visit more often. He doesn't post every daym but when he does, it's worth reading.
A letter in yesterday's Times (not online) from Norman Simmons (Emeritus Consultant in Microbiology) suggests a novel way to reduce hospital-acquired infections:

Sir, All items of clothing worn in hospitals, including trousers, carry bacteria. The Health Secretary's decision to banish long-sleeved white coats from hospitals (report, Sept 17) brings to mind work carried out by the Public Health Laboratory Service several years ago. Researchers found that the least spread of bacteria from surgeons occurred if they were naked and lightly oiled.
I must admit, it's logical, but I also must admit that the thought had never crossed my mind before. Naked. Lightly Oiled. Gronk.


Nicole Joy said...

This reminds me of the Mr. Universe dress code...

with scalpels.


Anonymous said...

St. Mary's General Hosptial Bikini Team? Alhough while I've seen a few doctors, nurses, and techs who'd fit that image, there are a lot more who'd make me want to wear a blindfold.
Although, if a bubbly young nurse came in like that ("Hi, my name is Ptraci*, I'll be taking care of you"), it would certainly get my mind off my symptoms.

*Discworld reference

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Something like this?

or that:

(both fairly decent, notice, please).

It could be fun, yes, I can see it.