Monday, 22 October 2007

I know who I'm voting for

The LDP:
The LDP's position sometimes confuses those who like to apply left and right labels to political ideologies. Free trade is considered to be right-wing while drug legalisation is left-wing. Cutting tax is right-wing but defending civil liberties and gay rights is left-wing.

However, all of these positions share the common principle of decreasing the role of government. They differ from "left-wing" people who often want the government to control the economy but not our social lives, and also from "right-wing" people who want the government to control our social lives but not the economy.
My kind of people. A Liberal party that is actually Liberal.

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Gibbo said...

I've been tempted to vote for them too in the Senate as they don't have a reps candidate in my area, but I worry that they are still too small & that I might waste my vote.

What should I do oh great Oracle Zoe?