Thursday, 15 November 2007

Music To My Ears

File this one under "Interesting URLs". About time I had one of those, I've been entirely too stodgy recently.

eFolk Music. Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic, Kids, Country, Gospel, International, Modern Folk, Old-Time, Post-Modern Folk (!), Roots Rock, Swing, Traditional Folk. Sample Free, as in Beer.
Here's an easy way to get a taste of some new music: Twelve tracks from twelve efolkMusic artists, download any or all, save 'em, swap 'em, burn to CD, give 'em to your friends. All tracks are full-length stereo 192 or 256kbps MP3s. Enjoy!

I downloaded the Sampler Vol 3, and was pleasantly surprised.

A friend tipped me off to listen to Deborah Hord's "Lean in for a Kiss", and she was right. The rendition was a little raw and unfinished, no "production values" to speak of, just a well-crafted song with some really good lyrics.
efolkMusic has always been way ahead of the curve. They created a thriving online community by carefully filtering thousands of recordings looking for the best & brightest. They believed in downloading music when it was still being eschewed by the mainstream record companies. And they stand up for independent musicians. Getting the word out. Getting the music out. Making the world a better place. Meaningful music does that. It enriches our lives and makes the world a better place.

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