Friday, 16 November 2007

Today's Battle(s)

At NolanChart and Americablog's comments.

At least the opposition from the Chistian Taliban is overt, even if not exactly honest. You don't get things like this :
The endlessly repeated rhetoric about "throwing trannies under the bus" is not only unfair, it is particularly tasteless as we approach the Transgender Day of Remembrance commemorating victims of actual, savage, murderous attacks. To associate an honest disagreement over strategy with anti-trans violence is obscene.
The House’s passage of H.R. 3685 is an historic victory, albeit not the final victory. Those who refuse to celebrate it were never tossed from any train, but deliberately left the train and tried to derail it.
First take a figure of speech, and imply that it denigrates those of us who were murdered by Transphobes. Then use exactly the same kind of language himself, in a breathtakingly hypocritical way that literally "blames the victim" for not being overjoyed at being betrayed. Gay Transphobia personified. There are times I'm very glad not to be in the "progressive" camp.
Richard J. Rosendall is a freelance author based in Washington, DC. His work has appeared on and He is a contributor to Independent Gay Forum and Liberty Education Forum.
And a person not on my Christmas list, shall we say. God save us from our "friends".

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Autumn Sandeen said...

If you loved that piece, you'll be just estatic over this piece from Peter Rosenstein at the Washington Blade!!

Okay, that was me being snarky. :P