Monday, 7 January 2008

This Warrior Is As Vicious As Possible

"Bad to the Bone". In the original Klingon.
On the day I was born
the nurses all gathered round
and they gazed in wild wonder
at the joy they had found.
The head nurse spoke up,
said "leave this one alone."
She could tell right away
that I was bad to the bone.
jIboghDI' SIbI'
Datvo' ghompu' ghojmoq.
'ej yay'taHvIS mInDu'
DunwI' Doj lughoq.
pay' jatlh ghojmoqpIn:
«ghuvam vID yIHaj!»
DotlhwIj tlhojchu'mo':
jInaSchu' vaj.
As soon as I was born, immediately
governesses assembled from everywhere.
And while their eyes were amazed,
they spied on the impressive great one.
Suddenly the chief governess said:
"Dread ye this belligerent baby!"
Because she realised my status correctly:
this warrior is as vicious as possible.

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