Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Today's Battle

Over at A more important one than most - because of comments like this:
I hate to bust your bubble, but mutilating oneself still does not change a boy into a girl - it just makes a mutilated boy. These people have sinful hearts that need to be changed! They need to get off that self-focus and the idea that sex is everything.

The leftists have gone beyond all sane and rational thought in an effort to please everyone, including the deviant and perverted.
Those who have "gender perception" issues should be given genetic testing. Once they have discovered what sex they actually are they should be treated medically and psychologically so that they can accept the truth about their sex according to their chromosomes.

The infinitesimally small number of people who are true, biological hermaphrodites and the nearly as small number of people whose genotype does not match their phenotype should be treated with compassion, but in such a way that encourages them to fit into normal society -- just as other people with unusual challenges such as dwarfism and gigantism do.

Encouraging confused and deluded people to wander in the wilderness of their delusions while encouraging them to act as freaks in front of the rest of society is false compassion. Encouraging them to get the necessary treatment to cure their mental abnormalities so that they can function as a normal, productive member of society is true compassion.
Dwarfs and Giants are not usually called "deviant and perverted" with "sinful hearts" though. But the most important reason is comments like this:
Hi Lauren. I agree with you that young boys experiencing gender identity confusion have special needs. I have given the matter considerable thought. I think a young boy who thinks he's a girl needs a serious a@@ whipping. Parents who hear a child whining that he feels like a girl trapped in a boy's body should attend to his needs by whipping his a@@ immediately.


Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe

You could not make it up it is so surreal.

It reads like:

"If a comet crashed into planet earth and we all dies it is them Transgenderd folk's fault ahhhagabbergabber Wail wail gnash of teeth"

The Townhall commetators are barking mad basically.

As for the "Concerend Parent" if their kid grows up to kicks the hell out of them or worse, they will only have themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

Zoe, your bigotry only highlights your ignorance. Gender is science and you are a violent fascist who wants to remake the world to correspond to your stupid, sexist view of things. You need so much education that my mind is drained at the thought of it. You are a hate criminal in your heart for advocating violence and your wife/sister should lock you in a closet with a light and a science book. But that would require the ability to think and read, qualities neither of which are eveident in your posts. I pity your friends, if you have any, and your relatives. What an ignorant burden you pose. I challenge you to define the words "man and woman" before you go around judging people. Why don't you look in a mirror and deal with that disaster first. That should keep you busy for a lifetime. Quit playing god, she hates it when people do that. If you really want an education, learn to read then try a science book

Anonymous said...


You totally misread Zoe's post. The comments you are objecting to were posted by OTHER PEOPLE at; they are NOT Zoe's own statements. Zoe is one of the best educated trans women that I know, and always bases her arguments in support of equal treatment for trans and IS people in hard science and logic, as well her own extraordinary experience. If you read some of her other blogs here, you will quickly see what I mean.


Zoe Brain said...

Thanks Abby! But I like the idea of being locked in a closet with a light and a science book. I might actually get some work done on my darned PhD if someone was to do that to me... :)