Saturday, 16 August 2008

Today's Battle

At This Blog.
am I being paranoid to think that "trans fundamentalist" would stoop so low to disrupt a 30+ year strong woman only event?
Well, it's only my opinion... but yes, I think you are.
That was my response to this fragment about a fatal minibus crash caused by a blowout:
1) In what proximity is "camp trans" from Mich Fest?
2) How secure are the shuttle van/s when not in use? (are they guarded?)
3) Could trans terrorist actions have lead to leaking out the air in the shuttle van/s tire in order to subvert the transportation of WBW to/fro Mich Fest?
4) As I have recieved many death threats myself from "trans" sufferers and I am only a single butch woman with a short history of speaking out against trannyism, am I being paranoid to think that "trans fundamentalist" would stoop so low to disrupt a 30+ year strong woman only event?
The comments in response are illuminating.

That it gets beyond accusations and into threats is shown by this thread at the MWMF forum. It's a minority, but when that minority claim to have unauthorised access to confidential information held by the IRS, and say they'll use that power to trigger an audit in order to terrorise a minority group, it strays beyond the bounds of "Freedom of Speech" and into the realm of Hate Crime.

Whether mere malicious mendacity or criminal conspiracy requiring an IRS internal investigation is debatable - that it gives some idea of what we're up against is not.

I have to feel sorry for them though. I have my own troubles, but to live with such hatred inside your head all the time, well, I count my blessings.


Monica Roberts said...

I see the Raymondite Radical feminists are already screeching insults at transpeople and you for daring to leave a comment calling them out for their paranoia.

(shaking my head)

They can have the Mich Fest. I don't want to be anywhere I'm not only not wanted, but hated for being me.

I can think of much better places to be than swatting mosquitoes and being around a bunch of racist rad feminists.

Anonymous said...

If this "dirt" person is the same as an LJ poster who calls hirself dirtywhiteboy, then the problem is hir own paranoid delusions.

This person is mentaly ill, has engaged in stalking behaviour and thinks nothing of creating multiple LJ accounts to infiltrate private journals in order to mock transwomen. Xe is the worst kind of transmisogynist.

Xe can't disntinguish hir own hatred from the invented hatred xe thinks transpeople have toward women. This is not the first time xe has made threats such as the ones you mention.

belledame222 said...

ah yes, "dirt." that person is truly...special. dirt, dude, just let your inner straight male misogynist dickhead fly without all these weird obsessive contortions: you know you want to.