Sunday, 24 August 2008

What my life is worth

5 years. Unlike a human's. If you're unlucky enough to get caught while hunting, and any old story will do, no matter how much the facts contradict it. It's always open season, and no bag limit.

From Philadelphia Gay News:
Oates, 20, of the Olney section, faces a minimum of five years in prison when he is sentenced next month, but could be released within the next 30 months because of credit for time served.

Police arrested Oates after the February 2006 incident and he has been incarcerated since then.

Minehart didn’t explain his ruling, but it appears he accepted the defense’s position that Oates acted in the heat of passion after he picked up King for sex in February 2006, then shot her twice after realizing she was a biological male.

Assistant D.A. MK Feeney argued for a first-degree murder conviction or, as an alternative, a third-degree-murder conviction. She said the evidence indicated that Oates targeted King because of her transgender status.

But defense attorney Brian McMonagle stressed the youth and naiveté of his client when he went out looking for sex about 5 a.m. Feb. 1, 2006, at Broad and Spring Garden streets.

He said Oates wasn’t aware that transgender sex workers frequented the area. He didn’t know King was a biological male until she became sexually aggressive inside Oates’ car and indicated that she had a penis. Then, Oates went into a frenzy and shot her twice in the heat of passion, McMonagle said.

Feeney scoffed at that defense.

“Mr. Oates isn’t so naïve that he can’t find a gun,” she said. “He has an illegal gun in his car, he’s out at five o’clock in the morning on a school night and he’s going to a strip club when he’s underage. He’s sophisticated enough to be doing those things. Yet the defense portrayed him as an innocent, naïve little boy.”

Oates told police he didn’t realize King’s biological status until King grabbed Oates’ hand and placed it on King’s penis, inside the car.

Oates did not testify during the trial but his early statements to police were read for the record.

However, Sgt. Daniel Dutch, who’s worked undercover as a “john” in the area, testified that he’s never heard of — nor experienced — such behavior by a transgender sex worker.

To the contrary, transgender sex workers normally go out of their way to avoid having the johns touch their penises, Dutch said.

And medic William Murphy, who administered emergency care to King after she was shot, testified that King’s penis was “tucked” between her legs, held in place by her panties, when he got to her.,
Bit of a contradiction there...
The shooting happened in the Nicetown section, near the intersection of Bott and Kerbaugh streets. King was shot twice, from the side and rear, according to the medical examiner’s report.

Her body was found about 120 feet from Oates’ car, where she collapsed in a pool of blood, evidently trying to run for safety, said Feeney.

McMonagle said the shooting happened during “pandemonium” in Oates’ car, after he felt King’s penis, tussled with her for Oates’ pistol, then King moved toward him.

But Feeney refuted that scenario.

“At no time was she ever coming toward him when he shot her, because she was shot from the side and rear,” Feeney said. “That tells you right there that the defendant is lying. If you’re coming toward someone, your front would get shot.”
But mere facts won't stop a transphobic judge from issuing an amazing decision. And the odds are pretty good of getting one.
She said Oates’ actions after the shooting also contradict a heat-of-passion defense.

“He immediately got rid of the weapon,” Feeney continued. “If you can’t think straight, you’re not going to do that. Then he calls 911, does this act on the phone about a robbery and unknown gunman and lies to the responding officer and detectives. To me, that shows a pretty good presence of mind, don’t you think?”

She said Oates tried to flee the scene but was stymied because his car wouldn’t start. “But for the fact that his car wouldn’t start and he was stuck at the scene, we’d probably never even know who killed Alexis King,” Feeney said.
So let's see - King exposed her penis, while it was tucked. And she advanced on him, so he shot her in the back. Then in total panic he calmly gave his prepared story.

Any old story will work, won't it? As long as it's that scary TRANS PANIC!!!!!


Battybattybats said...


What kind of pea-soup-for-brain folk are in the legal system there?!?!

Anonymous said...

bbb: "legal system" is right - remember Erika Keel?

Run over four times? And not even a hit-and-run charge against the driver?

That happened in Philadelphia too...

...*le sigh*...

Zoe Brain said...

They didn't exactly throw the book at the driver in the Keel case, did they?

A $200 fine for not wearing his spectacles while driving.

I'm trying to recall the last time anyone TS was killed and the perp received a sentence comparable to one they'd receive for killing a full human.

Battybattybats said...

Someone would likely get more than a $200 fine if they had done that to someone's pet!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Zoe.

I know some those girls who work the street in Philadelphia. Many are doing it to fund their surgeries. They measure their progress toward their life-saving surgeries by the number of dicks they have to suck. Literally. Only a hundred more, two hundred more, a thousand more. In reality it's the system that is killing them, though, not the individual johns. This could be prevented if adequate care was made available through public or private insurance. The root of the problem lies in the system.