Thursday, 4 September 2008

Some Good News

From the ABC :
Legislation to end discrimination for same-sex couples under Commonwealth law has been introduced in Federal Parliament.

The changes create equality for gay couples in the areas of social security, veterans affairs, medicare, tax and educational assistance.

Laws ending discrimination in superannuation were tabled earlier this year.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland says it is historic legislation.

"This bill amends some 68 Commonwealth laws which involve 19 Government departments." he said.

"It will not only remove discrimination against same-sex couples, they also remove discrimination against their families and most specifically their children."
We're not a gay couple. But we are same-sex. This legislation, when if passed, will take a huge burden off my mind, and make a real difference to our son's life.

Oh yes, and "tabled" in Australian English means "put into play", not "rejected", as it does in US English. Another two countries separated by a common language.


Anonymous said...

and 'tabled' in UK English means 'put forward for discussion'!

Three countries separated by a common language......

However, fingers crossed that the legislation passes.



Karen said...

I apologize for my ignorance, but I must be missing a distinction here. How can you be a same-sex couple without being a gay couple.

Zoe Brain said...

karen - easy. Neither of us are lesbian. We're married to one another, and have a child. And we're both female.

We're not gay. It would have greatly simplified matters if we were.