Friday, 19 September 2008

Today's Battle

Shiver me timbers, and avast ye scurvy swabs!

Tis the time that I do be unleashin' a full broadside, over at AntiMoon. Arr.

Ye may think 'tis a poor innocent "learn English more effectively" site, but I tells ye, Jim Lad, there be no fouler gang of black-hearted cutthroats that be sailin' the seven seas. Arr. Or at least, the internet.
I always call them (transsexuals) 'it'...
Sex change ops should be illegal. The pervs who have had the done should go into solitary confinement in prison or hospital for the remainder of their natural lives.
Imagine if you found out your wife used to be a man! That would be worse than death!
Changing sex is a violation of God's will. God urges that people be satisfied with what fate brings them....
Skippy, OK, but the person really is a male still. If the person is not truly female, then why do we play his game? We shouldn't be giving in to mental disorders.
Good point. If I manage to convince myself that I am the President of the United States, and have an operation to make myself look just like Bush, are you going to call me 'Mr President'? Are you going to allow me to come into the White House and command the troops and take control of the nuclear weapon stockpile? I think not! You will treat me like a lunatic. It's the same situation.
Open the Gunports and let them have it! A full broadside of heavy-calibre medical papers to hole 'em amidships and carry away the mizzenmast, Arrr!

Did I be mentionin that today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well it do. Arr.


Jac said...

Where do you find these people? Then again, I know there are people who thing like that in the USA, too. There is so little respect for the individual when what that person wants is different from what they think is normal. Did you see this on Pharyngula? A Christian couple is complaining about being called "Party A" and "Party B" on the forms to get their marriage license. They say it's discrimination to not be called "Bride" and "Groom." So they're not legally married, and, not being able to take her non-husband's insurance, the woman is without medical coverage. I hope she gets injured and the medical bills bankrupt them.

Zoe Brain said...

Where do I find these people? I'm on a number of mailing lists, and there are robots and web-spiders that find them for me.

In this case, it was a comment from an anonymous commenter on the previous post.

As for the pharyngula article, see my comments there, Jackie.

When they saw the terms, Codding wrote "groom" next to "Party A" and "bride" next to Party B and submitted their license. On Aug. 16, they married at her father's church.

On Sept. 3, the couple received a letter from the Placer County Clerk-Recorder Registrar of Voters informing them that their license did not comply with California law and that the state did not accept licenses that had been altered.

If they're being precious about it, the Placer County Clerk is being positively Fascist. I hope they appeal this ruling, and win.

And I suspect that if she actually did get injured, and the costs bankrupted them, then in practice you'd be one of those chipping in to help them, no? One can say something in the heat of passionate argument, but when it comes to realities, seeing people in distress, we only remember our common humanity, not our differences.

Most of us. There are exceptions. I pity them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, by the way. That forum is quite a thing. The website itself is pretty good and gives effective methods for learning English, which have been independently verified by people such as The Linguist:

Basically, Antimoon's method runs counter to the usual lazy methods of English instruction that have occurred in a lot of non-English speaking countries, where the teacher is not a native speaker (or even a good speaker) of English and just reads from the textbook and gives busywork assignments to his/her students; the teacher also expects the students to produce a lot of English output, even with very little input preceding it, without providing competent corrections. (Antimoon argues that a few mistakes are not harmful, but if the mistakes are numerous when speaking they will all together be difficult to correct and they may become ingrained, bad habits.) It's a good site.

The forum, on the other hand, is poorly moderated and has no registration except for moderators and administrators (most users will post under the "Guest" moniker); it's full of trolls. Probably half the posters you quoted were just trolls looking for attention (the one who talked about life imprisonment for transsexual people, Matt, is a definite troll who has posted before). As Jasper said on the 4th page, "[...] Guest is behaving VERY BADLY (as usual! ;)"

Still, thank you for coming to my help, because all the good posters (and there were good posters), such as Uriel and Damien in Edinburgh were run off.

Again, thank you for your assistance. Also, it looks like there are some wanting to fight you in the thread. I wonder how that'll go? Maybe Uriel and Damien in Edinburgh will come back!

Anonymous said...

i'm not convinced on the TS==IS thing. on the basis that there's no solid evidence that all TS people have IS brains.

this is why i'm not sure it's politically advisable to push this line, since what would be the fate of those (maybe few) MTFs that have male pattern brain responses? are THEY mentally ill? haliperidol, lobotomy and insulin coma therapy for those perverts, rather than hormones and surgery on demand for the poor REAL transfolk?

this is the basis that i prefer just: "i changed because i wanted to". it takes away any need for proof, and makes the medical evidence irrelevant to the proceedings. unfortunately i can't see how to counter with the bigots with this line.

still, it feels good to have you fighting the good fight. cheers.