Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Today's Battles

Back in the saddle again after various medical emergencies, and ready to resume combat.

First at CBS, which aired a program on Trinidad, Colorado, and Dr Marcie Bowers, one of the top genital reconstruction surgeons in the USA.
God will reject these people and send them to burn in hell!
Posted by gophockeymom at 09:48 AM : Sep 08, 2008

SICK AND WRONG!!!! UnNatural... Just sick and WRONG!!!
Posted by AmericaBiker at 09:25 AM : Sep 08, 2008
Ah, I love the smell of fresh bigot in the morning... It makes the calm dispassionate statement of facts that I give - with URLs to back them up - so much more convincing to readers and lurkers. Now I doubt that I'll change the views of either gophockeymom or AmericaBiker. But you never know, hope springs eternal etc. My target audience is that group of people who don't know much about the issue, and want to talk - or at least read - about it. If one side is calm, polite, rational, and the other frothing-at-the-mouth Batsh1t crazy, that makes their task of judging who's likely to be right that much easier.

And taking on Cardinal Pole, "Australian Catholic and secular news commentary from an uncompromisingly Traditional, arch-reactionary perspective".
With an intro like that, how could I not like the man? And how could I not engage in vigorous and robust (and good natured) disputation with him?

Your taxes hard at work: the human rights mafia’s latest pre-occupation

Also in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herod was a totally bewildering article by Ms Adele Horin, in which she reports on how “the Australian Human Rights Commission has undertaken a project to investigate human rights issues affecting the transgender community.” In one of those bitter ironies that this age throws up from time to time, it seems that ‘transgender’ folk are a bulwark against the dissolubility of marriage; they are aggravated that they must divorce their respective spouses in order to, in Ms. Horin’s pompous and verbose terms, “have the sex on all their documentation reflect their lived reality.”
Indeed. Such marriages as mine illustrate the indissolubility his Eminence speaks of with such disbelief. So, Let Battle Commence!

Update: modified the last lines to remove ambiguity

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