Friday, 3 October 2008

IPSR - Another Case in Australia

From Transworld Surf (and how very appropriate)

The former world surfing champion Peter Drouyn has revealed he is to become a woman.

The 58-year-old Australian sports idol claims his male hormones have been draining from his body for the past eight years.

Gold Coast-born Peter said: “It hasn’t been intentional. It’s totally natural, with no medication or hormone therapies, no enhancements and no advice. It’s just happening.”

But he added that he always felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body
Oddly enough, I can believe that. Both parts, the transsexuality, and the natural change.

"Westerly Windina" is not my style as a new name, but I guess you have to be somewhat flamboyant to be a world-class surfer.

A less than sensitive view is provided by Channel 7's Today Tonight - Surfer turns into Marilyn Munroe (Yuk Yuk). You have to get the money for treatment somewhere, and I'm glad I was spared that kind of humiliation.


Bad hair days said...

I can't access the video, its denied for my location (switzerland) :-(

Unknown said...

Can't see the video here either (usa)--but probably just as well; those sorts of things usually just leave me in a foul mood.

As for the in-line pic--if I plucked my eyebrows a bit and cut, coloured, and styled my hair like that, it could be a picture of me. Similar build, cup size, ribcage flaring--even facial features. I started a similar process spontaneously about three years ago but it appeared to have stopped or stalled after about six months, with as little discernible cause as when it started. The endocrinologist just called it "idiopathic bilateral gynaecomastia." In other words, I was growing breasts for no apparent reason.

My question is, why does a former world surfing champion not have a Wikipedia article yet? Do surfers just not... surf?

Anonymous said...

I don't actually see any "feminisation" in this individual. Its a well known fact that men start losing testosterone after *hello* about the age of 50. As for the "breast tissue" there is none. Its a padded bra!

Jenny in Jonestown