Friday, 10 October 2008

Little Boxes

Another addictive online game I don't have time to play. Poiser.

Update - an interesting set of comments is attached.


Anonymous said...

You're over at Dr. Wes calling ME psychotic? Ha! And you think you're a woman. Ha!

You fucking clown. While we are talking psychiatric disorders, it was only pressure from the faggot lobby that forced shrinks to remove homos from the fucking DSM.

So that makes you mentally ill. Political lobbying doesn't negate the reasons you confused individuals were targeted for restorative therapy in the first place.

That's what you need motherfucker, restorative therapy... to remove the hurt and damage that clearly was in your environment when you were raised. What was it? broken home? Refrigerator mother? Did you get sexually abused?

Your transparent lack of self worth is headlined by the constant reminders that you're a 'rocket scientist'... how impressive we are supposed to say I am sure... anything to make up for the dismal maladjusted bucket of neuroses that is your inner world.

You've failed to grow into a normal adult. Nothing can change that. Your parenting seems to have been substandard or something.

You don't deserve to bashed and killed. You don't deserve to be denied estate rights.... but you don't deserve to be taken seriously either.

You're a dysfunctional fucking horror story.

Sniffing mommy's panties when you were 12 seems to have fucked you up or something. Something has gone terribly wrong.

Basically, you're in no position to be labeling anybody psychotic.

At best you're a cruel joke, at wort you're a pernicious stain on humanity. I certainly hope to the universe that you didn't hurt any children in your pathetic life. Or worse, have any children and inflict your pathetic environmental neuroses on them.

If you have done that, you deserve to die.

You're fucking messed up pal. You desecrate the body nature gave you motherfucker.

You honestly think if you weren't born into a hyperly fucked up modern degraded culture, if you were just born 200 years ago in a village in africa, you'd have been a fucking spectre of neuroses the way you are in this age?


And motherfucker, this blood shit you spout on your blog, is pseudoscience.

Until your personality disorder that you have, and you do have it pal, until you have biomarker that all you fucking sickos are born with, you've got no proof that your sad and pathetic lives are not the result of environmental stress and poor environmental parenting etc...

You're so fucked up.... I don't know how you leave the house.

Be a fucking man. Your parents are rightly disgusted with you.

You use wedge politics and PC drivel to hammer yourself in place... but deep down there is nothing holding you in place.

You're basically very likely to die by your own hand.

You need to fly to the united states immediately and seek deep restorative therapy. Your life depends on it.

You sick fucking fanatic. You're calling me psychotic huh? You're the delusion one. Look at the fanatic cult member who is about to tell me because I deem him to be, as BILLIONS OF HUMANS deem him to be, a pathetic neurotic mess, he is going to say I'm one of him in denial?!!! HA!

Pal, when BILLIONS, make it oh about 99.99999999999999999999 of 6.5 billion think you're a suck fuck.... it makes you a sick fuck okay?

No debate can be entered into against such a crushing majority.

And anonymous? I don't see your driver's license posted on your blog faggot boy so shut the fuck up before you even begin.

Something MASSIVELY harmful you were exposed to as a child has resulted in a guy who is practically useless to the future of mankind. Unsure how to live, unsure how to die.

There's no way becoming a pathetic neurotic husk of the man you could have otherwise been is leaving the world a better place than you found it.

You're a hedonistic sex obsessed fucking ass clown. You don't know what life is about, your values are all wrong.

Now go and jack whatever's left of your overused prick to get three seconds of fucking brain chemistry thrills to avoid crying yourself to sleep.

You're a crime against nature.

Nature didn't let you down, you let yourself down. Your environment let you down. Most people are man enough to filter out terrible environments, some are inherently distracted by weakness. That's you.

You're a disgrace... you really fuckin are.

It would be almost comical if it wasn't so sad, that a man self identifying as 'transgender' (as though gender is something the human mind or knife can decide! how pathetic and arrogant) a man self identifying as trans gender, whose apparent human worth springs from his alleged 'intelligence' (he is reminding us constantly he is a scientist), and yet he doesn't have enough intelligence to find his way out of the pathetic mess he has found himself in. Pathetic.

You wouldn't be so offensive if you kept your pathetic harmful neuroses to yourself instead of orchestrating a faux civil rights campaign.

Pal, you were born with equality, you're a white, man for fuck's sake.

A male, a white, in a rich country, and yet you put yourself in the shredder.

This is why people beat you people up. To beat some fucking sense into you in the hope you'll fucking rehabilitate yourself.

You're one seriously sad reminder of how civilization can UTTERLY FUCK the human mind.

Zoe Brain said...

The thread this guy refers to at Dr Wes's place.

I'm glad I'm not a shrink. At what point does obnoxiousness end and psychosis begin?

The post is too long for a troll, the guy has a deep emotional involvement with it. He's also not some "subject", no "lab rat", but a human being.

I have no idea how to help him. I can't even diagnose his illness. He seems functional, not a danger to himself or others - though I could be wrong on that last, and I'm glad I'm on a different continent.

But there's no threat there. Ok, I deserve to die etc etc but I don't deserve to be "bashed and killed". I see no Evil there, just a difference of opinion vigorously expressed, plus some disconnection with reality. What looks at first to be overt racism might well be frustration at the very real position of privilege "white" Americans enjoy.

There's even some good wishes there, a concern for my life. If you look hard.

I hope he sees a professional about this, if only about "anger management". I won't delete his comment though. I think it's its own rebuttal, and proof of the validity of my original comment.

Others can make a more objective judgement about that though, and no need for me to say more.

Anonymous said...

You're at odds with nature faggot boy.

Thanks for biting.

And if you read what I said, I said the only situation where you deserve to die, is if you've infected and exposed kids to your neurotic mess or an existence.

And no, it wasn't 'racist' but if it was you'd have such a problem with that? You're not happy to have races vilified but you're happy to desecrate your body and spit in the face of the thousands of successful generations of human beings who are your ancestors?

You're more offensive than any racist in history, bar a couple of high profile ones.

Anonymous said...

You know a 'difference of opinion' doesn't enter into it you freak.

Nature has the final opinion. Whose lifestyle has been more sustainable... the billions of human beings born who are healthy and have normal values, or a few drug addicted desecrated assholes like you who most often top themselves and hardly ever breed.

The game is stacked against you, I'm not worried about anything other than your pathetic attempt to 'normalize' your lifestyle in front of impressionable young kids.

On second thoughts, maybe it is better that you do die... you're miserable anyway... and it would save the kids asking me what you are.... or what you've become due to abuse.

When you can't see you have a moral obligation to keep the obscenity that is you away from kids, you become ultra offensive.

Live your pathetic confused existence, short as it may be, but keep it away from impressionable minds.

Your 'diagnosing skills' however misguided they may be, for you labeling of me as psychotic when you're evidently the serious mentally ill one, your diagnosing skills give away many hours perhaps spent in the company of shrinks.

How sad that they were unable to put humpty together again.

It's always a real let down to see obscenities like yourself online. It makes all men and women think twice about this civilization, I mean, look what it's done to you, you poor guy.

You see there is nothing inherently evil about you, but an analogy would be a raving fanatic muslim who wants to re-engineer the future my kids have.... you're the guy who is there as a terrible role model to confuse kids.

And the self perpetuating faggotry goes on.

I hate to think what nightmares you live with pal.

I had to laugh when you called you 'medical bills' medical bills. Man.

There are doctors out there who will Michael Jackson another nose job with what little nose he has left.

Same sort of guys who take to your body with chemicals and knives I would imagine.

Your parents must be appalled. Waste a waste of love and food feeding you when you were young.

You're like a perfect example of how civilization can brutally FUCK the human mind.

Now go and complain to your 10 or 20 readers. Wow.

Seriously, the best thing for you would be a fucking bullet in the head.

Why do people hate you? Because they are 'ignorant'... no... in fact it is because of something they can't ignore.

They can't ignore you're a crime against nature, a denial of the natural order, and a man who spits in the face of his parents and ancestors all the way back to early man, along with a man who threatens the future by not being a stable family man reproducing and a man who threatens yet even other families by being a public example of utterly obscene mangled psychology, you're a very troubled man.

This way lies ruin, and ain't right for it to be normalized, and to use political pressure to normalize it and take advantage by riding a wave of liberalism designed to help those who are not a threat to our past, present and future like you are, is not right.

Your short tortured existence on this planet, is marked by a middle finger for mother nature, and in the time you are here you leave a trail of wasted resources, don't contribute to the future of mankind, don't carry on by creating a stable family going forward, and contribute nothing but selfish complaints and torture yourself in the process.

If it was biological, which it ain't because you ain't got a shred of biotechnology to prove you are it and he isn't, if it was biological, parents would select it the fuck out, because it's bad news all round motherfucker.

How humiliating to be in your family huh?

Why? Why humiliating? because we are all mindless bigots? no.

Because viscerally, those who are fully human, feel deep in our hearts and can identify things that are deeply wrong and threats to the institution of family that has been the cornerstone of every successful civilization.

To be associated with someone who spits in our faces like you do is humiliating and degrading to the whole human race.

You cannot be degraded by others, your own self degradation is epic in scale and impossible to match from without.

If you weren't so offensive I would pity you. But at this point I think euthanasia is the only solution for your misery.

Fly in the face of everything that constitutes what it means to be human, and expect to be labeled subhuman pal. That's how it works.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Why is Dr. Wes's blog such a target? I've seen other unmoderated blogs (such as this) and they weren't nearly as bad. I saw some of those comments; they were horrible. It looks like there are some very disturbed individuals.

I posted Anne Lawrence's link about narcissism and I also posted other things on here, but I am beginning to wonder if the TRUE narcissists are not to be found on Dr. Wes's blog. These are some evil people. If anyone needs to die, it is they.

Anonymous said...

This has just got to be a joke. Nobody could be that hateful and nasty to another person. Please tell me it's a joke....

Anonymous said...

I am the second anon 3:57 PM.

To the first anon 3:57 PM (who is probably also the 2 previous anons). If what Zoe Brain has done is immoral, you are still worse than Zoe is. You are a narcissist. You found prey and are set on devouring it. Read more here:

You speak of morality, yet you are a like a Pharisee. You don't give some decent advice: Hey, what you've been doing is wrong, please work on it. No, you set on attacking the person, impugning their character, their whole life, again and again out of pure hate. You are not interested in assisting others out of a life of sin; you simply set yourself up to put others down.

Yes transsexuals may be sinners (I am currently investigating that), but to treat a fellow man like you do by constantly attacking and impugning their character is evil, and no different from a Pharisee.

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up Churchgoer Anon.

I don't give a fuck what you say is a 'sin' or isn't. I've made my secular case for why this cunting clown needs to die. You can read what i wrote again for any further clarification on the positions of mine, which happen to be the positions of billions of human beings living today.

Anonymous said...

I can see that this is going to be fun.

I think you are very entertaining, anon 4:40 PM. You are like a specimen to be examined. I have not had contact with anyone I was aware was a narcissist, but now I get to see you in action. I get to see what makes you tick, and nothing you can say or do will affect me, because you do not know me: I am anonymous like you.

Zoe Brain said...

Second anon - please don't be too hard on him.

Ok, what you say is true, but I don't think it's important. Not in comparison, anyway.

This guy has issues. He's angry (to state the bleedin' obvious). He's obviously intelligent, thinks of himself as moral, and yet lashes out blindly, without charity, in incoherent rage.

Look, I have a life that is unusual, and not easy at times. But I have it far easier than he does. He has a problem, and although I'd like to help, it's beyond my ability.

I don't want him to die, and certainly don't think he deserves it for attempts to hurt me in some way. I'm afraid my reaction was laughter, rather than pain. Why afraid? Because saying that may hurt him, and he doesn't deserve that either. He's a human being, not a figure of fun, not a "thing" for my entertainment.

I hope he heals.

I got the benefit of what could reasonably be called a miraculous cure. Did I deserve that? No way. Or if I did, others deserve it far more. I, who have been blessed despite incalculable odds against, with a son; I, who have been doubly blessed by having my burden lifted; I who am all too aware of my own very human fallibility - how can I not show a scrap of ... "love thy neighbour" for want of a better term?

And maybe I shouldn't be quite so arrogant and smug at my own "goodness" while doing so.

Oh and various anons - please add a monicker at the end of your posts just so I know how many people are commenting. Thanks. I allow anonymous comments, but it really is helpful if you add a nom de guerre. Even something like "second anon".

Zoe Brain said...

Second anon - WOW! narcissists-suck is one very, very powerful and meaty site.

I really must blog on it. So much to learn, so little time...

Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. I owe you.

Anonymous said...

You know what I find intriguing... you go and bitch to Dr. Wes blog about my posts... and spew vitriol yourself about 'laughing at the loonies' and then condescendingly say I need 'help'. Of course I maintain you're the mentally one, but If I am to be mentally ill as labeled by you, you mock the mentally ill... showing your own bigotry... 'laughing at the loonies'... I mean... it is strange... as much of a marginalized freak as you are... you still find space in that burdened sick mind of yours for prejudice against the mentally ill...

it's the double standard that seems to slip past you. Your own prejudice, belies your claim to an alleged right to be immune from prejudice.


But then again, you are a fucking freak.

You know what's funny, the bravado you show, is very manly... it must be a small amount of natural man still deep inside you... you'll have to drown your brain and body in some more chemical assault to get rid of that pal...

good luck with that.

You're illegitimate and deep inside you know it.

Regardless of bitching to Dr. Wes... you will live and die a pariah.

I hope you die.

Zoe Brain said...

The comment at Dr Wes was:

The commentariat there (ie here) are trying - not very hard - to not be entertained by him. You know, how people would visit Bedlam to laugh at the loonies? Same thing.

He needs help, not laughter though. To state the obvious.

We're trying not to laugh at you, for the reasons you say. It's wrong and demeaning. But you don't make it easy. Most mental illness is tragic, but when it's irresistably reminiscent of "Yosemite Sam" it's difficult to treat it with the seriousness it deserves. I'm not proud of finding your obscenity- and scatologically-larded rants utterly hilarious, and I know I shouldn't do it, but I genuinely can't help it.

All the best, anyway. You've improved a lot, and are more coherent now.

Thanks for the compliment, by the way. I always did try to embody as many of the manly virtues as I could as part of the boy act. I see no reason to stop now - I'm just extending my repertoire.

Ok, the arachnophobia's new. I've lost some things I wanted to keep. But I've gained so much, it's nothing of any consequence. I'm glad you said "bravado" rather than "bravery" though. If I had any courage, I would have transitioned voluntarily.

Take care, Zoe

RadarGrrl said...

Hey Anonymous Coward!

Get a clue-by-four! Get educated, so you can stop hating! You come across as someone who's heavily in denial.

Meanwhile, go fuck yourself, y'hear?

Anonymous said...

How is or is not this related to transsexuality?

People with personality disorders don't have the normal body-ego identification and regard their bodies only instrumentally, i.e., as tools to use to get what they want, or, in bad states, as torture chambers that inflict on them meaningless suffering.

(Under "7. Lacks empathy")

Anonymous said...

RadarGrrl said...

NARTH! That's a laugh in itself! A bunch of religious nutbars touting 'reparative' therapy through prayer. Gimme a break!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha it said 'man act'.... hhahahaha fucking hell that's funny... I suppose nine months of gestation and then a couple of decades growing to adulthood your skeleton and body was putting on an act too you fucking sick fuck.

I didn't post the narth thing, but don't lie, there's a huge secular restorative therapy movement.

As I said, you can't be degraded any more than you degrade yourself each time you leave your house.

Hahaha 'transition'.... what a fucking psychopath you are. You're a product of a fucking fucked up civilization pal. One really fucked up civilization.

You'll be laughed at even in the funeral home ass clown.

You're one troubled man Alan.

At 50, and with endocrine disruptors you're fucking marinating your otherwise completely fine male body and brain with, you can't expect to live past 60.

I hope to god alan you didn't breed during the last 30 years... you were probably off being a secret fag or some rubbish... but I just hope to god there isn't a son or daughter out there who is being subjected to your fucking awful behavior.

What a waste of a perfectly good life Alan. You could be playing gold, a respected, sane, man, a family man, instead you're a fucking sorry mess. How tragic.

At least your parents are probably very old or dead and won't have to be subjected to the sadness you've brought to their lives with your confused antihuman self desecration much longer.

Something seriously terribly wrong must have got transmitted from the environment into your psychology pal.

You can smugly laugh it off and call me Yosemite Sam all you like pal.... well over six billion people can see you're crying yourself to sleep.

I think it's absolutely terrible the mess you've made of your responsibilities, your mind, and your body Alan. It's very, very Sad that there couldn't have been a steady hand at the tiller all those years Alan.

I'm a secular man, but when I see the human tragedy of your life Alan, your obsession with Women, your obsession with a sex whom you'll never be able to get to be, because you're a man... it is very, very sad.

You have been a man since conception Alan, and a desecrated Alan, a man will be in a casket in ten or fifteen years.... a wig and female makeup and some endocrine disruption, desecration mutilation butchery notwithstanding, male neurology is structurally different from female neurology, so suck shit Alan, try 'transitioning' your fucking neurology pal!

The most complex organ in the known universe, the brain, and you'll live and die a male... despite your obsessions with women, you'll never be one. Never. You can lie to yourself, I see you clearly do, that's pretty psychotic in itself...

You can lie to yourself, be in some kind of ignorant bliss... but right now you fuckin clown, if we vivisected your cadaver and harvested the organs, (testing for AIDS first of course)... boxed the organs up and sent them next door, ALL we would see is anatomists doing a blind identification of a male brain, male skull, male liver, male lungs, male everything motherfucker!

So keep lying to yourself. I hope to hell you have no children Alan that are watching this pathetic display, this childish display of denial of all that is human about you.

You've been infected with the seed of some dangerous fag trannie literature or some shit...

I think, as do plenty of people in Canberra no doubt, and your family thinks, and billions of reasonable healthy human beings if I showed them your self harm, I, they all, pity Alan's tortured self mutilation of identity and body.

It's very, VERY, deeply, sad. You can defile your body all you like... just stay the FUCK away from any young children Alan. You are firmly on the 'things that would make think twice about bringing children into the world' side of the ledger.

My god, how terribly deluded and obsessed with women could you be? you fucking sickos are all predictable.... of course we had some clown labeling me 'in denial'.... how pathetically dogmatic are you people.

There are perfectly healthy men, like you were when you were a boy before you were exposed to some serious shit Alan, perfectly healthy men who are paralyzed in war and accidents who would love and cherish their bodies if just given the chance to walk again, yet here you are, basically taking a shit in every cell in your body with toxic human experimentation and mutilation in some VAIN attempt at changing what was laid down by nature in 1957/58.

If you're not ashamed of what your life distracting obsession, unhealthy obsessive compulsion to fight nature, your inability to 'transition' your psychology back to a healthy state and confront the demons that led you to being the troubled man you are today, you surely ought to be ashamed of what you've done to the body your parents nurtured.

I think it is time to close the book on you Alan, it's just too distressing to watch you languish in your rut. Close the book, close the casket on this living cadaver.

To be alone with your open casket would be a solemn, quiet, reflective study in human misery, the lines on your face must tell a story of lifelong self abuse, some clear abuse from within, and without... certainly.... nature didn't abuse you Alan... you've been hoodwinked by the existence of a community of those just as sad as yourself, who criminally have apparently successfully brainwashed you and incredibly seem to have 'normalized' your behavior, a group think kind of reprogram of truth turned into denial and lies... you seem to actually, literally be a true believer, a fanatic, convinced of some very great falsehoods about gender.

The fact of the matter is, you, I, your mother, every human in history, is prevented from ever changing our gender. You can lie to yourself and huddle your tortured heads together and spin off all sorts of lies and pseudoscience and deulusions, but as my organ autopsy example stated before... you will live, and die, Alan the man who was always a man.

You were designed to breed with a female... you are not a female. You are unable to carry a baby, you do not have the female brain, you are not a woman. Newsflash, Alan, you have committed crimes against nature, and hurt many people in the process.

With each drag of the razor across your thick, male body hair, you stand a human mind against the universe, a futile fight with nature and things bigger than you will ever know, like the levees breaking in hurricane Katrina, levees put there by man, shaved body put there by man, a man, yet, the forces of nature replace our efforts with nature's will.

Next time you're acting out the ritual of denial of nature, denial of self, next time you are in the bath, shaving all over, I want you to think about the houses in Hawaii that were inundated with lava from the volcano. Man places house there, lava knows better. Man places razor over hair, nature knows better.

Nobody in your position could possibly be at the moment in tune with nature and have any kind of spiritual peace.

You think you have put up a white flag against your idea, evidence ignored of course by you Alan, you think, you're deluded enough to think you've stopped 'fighting something' when in fact, you've launched every ICBM in the arsenal at nature and the warzone has never been hotter in the history of your tortured life.

You're too much Alan. You really are pal.

Anonymous said...

Alan, I'm very distressed to learn you have a seven year old son. Please don't implant your confused ideology into his head Alan. This is very sad. Very reckless too... I mean you were like 43 by then, and you recklessly bring a child into your tortured space? Were you not old enough to know better?

I have changed my position on your immediate death. I think perhaps you should stick around and be a normal father to this boy. The father you never had.

What a poor fuckin kid. Seriously.

You're so fucked up.

Only in a whacko leftist ivory tower could a growth like you even be tolerated.

I'm sorry Alan, I think you're a reckless man.

Zoe Brain said...

8:51 Anon-
The complete quote:
7. Lacks empathy

Translation: They are unwilling to recognize or sympathize with other people's feelings and needs. They "tune out" when other people want to talk about their own problems.

In clinical terms, empathy is the ability to recognize and interpret other people's emotions.

Lack of empathy may take two different directions: (a) accurate interpretation of others' emotions with no concern for others' distress, which is characteristic of psychopaths; and (b) the inability to recognize and accurately interpret other people's emotions, which is the NPD style.

This second form of defective empathy may (rarely) go so far as alexithymia, or no words for emotions, and is found with psychosomatic illnesses, i.e., medical conditions in which emotion is experienced somatically rather than psychically.

People with personality disorders don't have the normal body-ego identification and regard their bodies only instrumentally, i.e., as tools to use to get what they want, or, in bad states, as torture chambers that inflict on them meaningless suffering.

Self-described narcissists who've written to me say that they are aware that their feelings are different from other people's, mostly that they feel less, both in strength and variety (and which the narcissists interpret as evidence of their own superiority); some narcissists report "numbness" and the inability to perceive meaning in other people's emotions.

There's a number of issues here. There's NPD, Empathy, and Personality Disorders in general, and then we have to look at them in the context of transsexuality.

Looking at Empathy - TS people notoriously suffer from a lack of empathy. That is, few people, including few who study them, empathise with them. Their narratives and stories are regarded as no more than squeakings of lab-rats. Usually though, this is a sign of psychopathology rather than NPD in those who do the studying. It's quite different from scientific objectivity, and is classically exemplified by Bailey, who genuinely could not understand why TS people would be upset as being characterised as liars, whores, thieves and perverts.

Looking at Personality disorders, the dreadful distress caused by TS can cause them. One theory, in my own case, is that the distress caused such incredible stress that I had one of the most spectacular instances of "conversion syndrome" on record, where my body changed and feminised to relieve the distress. There's some evidence for that - certainly I was unable to understand the feeling that others had of being "comfortable with their own body", their body as part of their being. To me, my body was merely a mind-support mechanism, a shell of armour I lived in, a thing I inhabited and not a part of "me" at all.
Transition cured that.

It was, however, useful as a device for pleasing others. Not hurting them, which would be the case in NPD.

TS support fora exist, and the fact that they do shows a difference from NPD. TS people go to great lengths to help others suffering the same condition, and spend much of their time agonising over the effects of their transition on others, especially family members. They often have to suffer the effects of narcissists around them "How can you do this to me?", an attitude that ignores the sufferer completely.

RadarGrrl said...

TS fora exist, but there's certainly one out there that isn't worth a damn anymore.

I don't understand why you're giving this asshole a platform from which to spew his hatred, Zoebie. I hope you're managing to grab his IP and such, because he's so delusional that he could quite well be a danger to you, others, and likely himself as well. Such deep seated hatred is usually rooted in denial...he's probably a well closeted CD or something like that.

Zoe Brain said...

The Schoenwolf paper is a perfect example of why freudianism is no longer given much time in psych courses. Consider the following:

Her ego-ideal reflected the overvaluation of her pregenital mother. But there was also an "ego-reject," if you will, that reflected the devaluation of the Oedipal mother. The ego-ideal and ego-reject were opposing parts of her superego.

The model has little correspondence with reality.

Typically, gender-narcissistic females would complain that their femininity was a "handicap," the role of wife and mother was "demeaning," and their reproductive organs were "disgusting" or "a monthly pain."
They reported a generalized anger about what they saw as "men's attitudes toward them," which contrasted with the more positive reports of those in the control group. Some of the former made no distinctions between "good" and "bad" men, while others, utilizing the defense mechanism of splitting, saw some men, generally heterosexual men, as all-bad (inherently sexist) and some men, generally homosexual men, as all-good (nonsexist). At the same time, they generally idealized women, citing their moral superiority. I interpreted this as their projecting negative judgments about their femininity onto men while erecting a narcissistic armor of female grandiosity. Many made men the scapegoats for their inner conflicts about their femininity, vocalizing sentiments that have become common among militant feminist circles such as, "Men are the cause of all the problems of women." Thus, they were competitive with men, rather than cooperative, wielding the attitude expressed in the song lyric,"I can do anything better than you'can."

Pathologising political belief you don't agree with is a sign of lack of empathy, at the least. The late and unlamented USSR used it to a greater extent, but NARTH is in the same mould. NARTH is notorious for its recommendations that unrestrained bullying be used at schools to maintain social conformity.

To see what good science and empathy looks like, try reading Warren Throckmorton's article also on the NARTH site.

1. Neither gay-affirmative nor conversion therapy should be assumed to be the preferred approach. Generally, gay-affirmative therapy, or referral to such a practitioner, should be offered to those clients who want to become more satisfied with a same-gender sexual orientation. Conversion therapy or referral should be offered to clients who decide they want to modify or overcome same-gender patterns of sexual arousal. Assessment should be conducted to help clarify the strength and persistence of the client's wishes.

2. For those clients who are in distress concerning their sexual orientation and are undecided concerning reorientation, mental-health counselors should not assume what approach is best. They should inform clients that many mental-health professionals believe same-gender sexual orientation cannot be changed, but that others believe change is possible. Clients should be informed that some mental-health professionals and researchers dispute the concept of an immutable sexual orientation. Mental-health counselors should explain that not all clients who participate in gay-affirming therapy are able to find satisfaction in a gay adjustment, nor are all clients who seek sexual reorientation successful. When clients cannot decide which therapeutic course to pursue, mental-health counselors can suggest that clients choose a therapy consistent with their values, personal convictions and/or religious beliefs (Nicolosi et al, 1998).

From my own studies, I think that sexual orientation is biologically determined, but as with gender identity, about a third are in the fuzzy area between, and could flip as needed. That would be consistent with the evidence that conversion therapy is useless on anyone not wanting it, and of limited use on those who do.

Zoe Brain said...

Yosemite Sam - may I suggest you read the archives of my blog? It might clear up a few misconceptions.

Nat - he's not insulted anyone but me. I believe in free speech too. That's not unrestrained, threats and so on are out, but he's made none of those.

He disagrees with me. That's all, when you come down to it. In the process, he's made assumptions that are so far from the truth that he undermines his own argument, it refutes itself.

And there's an ulterior motive, a less honourable one too. The more that TS people can be seen as voices of sweet reason, calm and even charitable, while their opponents are ever more shrill and, well, batshit crazy, the more people we can pursuade to at least educate themselves on the facts.

Yes, I'm using him. I'm trying not to manipulate him though, merely provide (as you say) a platform for him to air his views.

Anonymous said...

I think it so hilarious how you people take this fucking pop psychology crap seriously.

You just worship at the temple of your psychology religion, you're pathetic.

And radargrll, I wouldn't fucking push your luck. I'll target your fucking blog if you're not careful. Google Blogger has no means of finding my fucking IP address, the only tool you have is comment moderation, and if IP banned, I could just use a proxy. I'm unstoppable essentially. Especially across jurisdictions.

I wouldn't conflate 'hate' with 'disgust'. Disgust is different to fear and hate.

I'm not 'phobic' of you people, I am disgusted by you... you can call me homodisgusted if you like, or transdisgusted.

But never transphobic. I'm not afraid of you people. Your 'phobic' crap is a mangling of our language. You have no respect for your bodies, so having no respect for our language doesn't surprise me. Disgust is a natural human response to disgusting things.

We are hard wired to be disgusted at the sight of toxic things like rotting corpses and things like you.

Anonymous said...

This guy is beginning to become amusingly pathetic. He claims that TSs have no respect for their bodies or the English language, yet he shows no respect for either his body or English.

Anyone filled with as muc anger and hate as he is cannot be truly healthy physically since anger and hate, when takin to extremes, can lead to the development of a variety of physical health issues.

Whatever arguments he is trying to pose are buried in his lack of vocabulary variation and his over use of almost the entire set of words that must be censored by American broadcasters.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as though you constantly check your blog Alan... even if spam occurred... it would only be up for a couple of hours.

I hate word verification... please turn it off. I fucking hate typing those letters.

And you clowns who would say 'live and let live'...

well, the nuclear family is under nuclear attack... that's all I care about. I care about a man and woman as parents, and unbroken homes, and children raised in stable traditional families.

That's all I care about. Your pain is secondary to the threat you pose to the family.

The family is clearly the building block of stability and civilization.

This is why I will always fucking find you disgusting... because you're not part of, or creating, a traditional family, you're exiting the circle of life and civilization.

That is fine, but you have no right to actively promote your exit to children. I find that the most vile.

If the gay lobby could just stick to estate rights, economic rights, general human rights, and close down its active promotion to children... I would be happy.

I would be happy for all your queers to have australia... every queer in the world could just live in australia and we could move out. A big continent for you to all live and die on, and then we would see how far your non breeding society would go... how much infrastructure you could build whit an aging workforce of psychos.

The point is, if we all indulged our passing attractions and indoctrinated ourselves to think you have indoctrinated yourselves to think, civilization would grind to a halt.

I don't give a fuck who you fuck, how you fuck, I do give a fuck about what kind of family environment you raise the next generation in.

It seems to me, most of you fag types are very self indulgent people. There is no long view in civilizational terms coming from you.

You give a fuck about the environment, you are happy to use the legal system, you cherry pick what things in society you'd like to use... you always take a shit on the concept of family however... which is appalling.

I think it is demonstrably cruel to subject a child to your neurotic shit.

Is how we got here, how the family was structured for millennia, something your kids are gonna read about in a book when they are 22 and then learn how to it? That's fucked.

Gay marriage is not marriage. It's just not. I don't even agree with childless marriage between a man and a woman.

Any lifestyle other than a man and a woman partnering for at least 20 years of their lives to be there for children as a mother and father, is not acceptable to me.

You live for 80 years now, longer... I want 20 of them to be where you live in a home, a family home, and your child, looks up to and feels he has a mother and a father.

It's a small ask. Yet many men and women of all stripes are spitting on this concept the last 30 years and look at the fucking results!

I'm not concerned about any other relationships than the child to mother, child to father, father to child, mother to child ones.

And they should all be full time, in the same house, for at least 20 years from birth of the child onwards.

Before or after that be whatever fucking hedonistic cocksucker you want to be.

Nothing is more important than a stable childhood, nothing, your child comes first. You work to support your child, you teach your child how to live, your child is the only thing that exists on a continuum and his child and his child and his child onwards.... that is how you got here... when you get here you don't park for 80 years and indulge your fuckin senses... you've got to have faith in the long view of mankind.

Fuck saving the environment when we are setting fire to the cornerstone of society, the family.

Family values are more important than any one man. More important than anything in the world.

Family Values needn't have anything to do with religion at all.

Conservatism should be about conserving the good things that have served us throughout history. The only thing worth saving is the family. The family. The family. The family.

There is nothing more important than making the child's ride to adulthood as smooth as possible, enduring every discomfort the parent has to endure by putting himself second.

Alan given you're not a woman, you don't know how to be a mother, a mother has a bond with her child because she carried it in her womb, a mother has a female brain, which you don't have... so you are not conducive to family values. Simple as that. We can use you as a co-head of a family because you're fucked in the head you see.

The family, the family, the family. Nothing else.

No one gives a fuck about the family anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yosemite Sam,

I have known Zoe for over thirty years. When I first heard about her spontaneous change I was boggled. I thought that's weird. I was disconcerted by an an example of something which we normally see as fixed changing. I was concerned for her. But I also thought that certain oddities made sense now. One thing that wasn't there was disgust. None of here family and fiends turned against her even though some were weirded out a bit.

You don't get it. Zoe is intersexed in a very unusual way which caused her to sponaneously change from being somatically mostly male to somatically mostly female. She was allways neurologically mostly female. The operationonly turned a disfunctional male system into a functional female one and in the process prevented an almost certain cancer.

I think the threat you made against Radargrrl says a lot about you as does your behaviour on Dr Wes's blog. You stridently demand the respect that you think is your due and make threats against those that don't give it. By doing so you become an object of scorn and derrision. Self criticism is obviously not one of your strengths. For your own sake you need to learn it.

Anonymous said...

Show me the MRI that proves Alan was born with female neurology. You've got wild assumptions coming out your ass, but no scienctific biomedical test results to put on the table to back up your claim that Alan has a female brain.

so fuck off. I don't give a fuck if you respect me or not... respect doesn't come into it.

If I was the emperor of the world you'd be shot.

Anonymous said...

Zoe could give give you plenty of medical evidence but you would never listen. And you don't seem to get the difference between transsexuality and homosexuality. One concerns what sex you are attracted to and the other concerns what sex you want to be.

You don't care if people respect you? Then why the over the top reaction to those who don't? Everyone who looks at what you have written says narcissist.

I'd be shot? Why?

Anonymous said...

This whole narcissist concept is not grounded in any hard science.

You throw around a label, it's bullshit.

You'd be shot.... because of your support for the breakdown of the family.

Anonymous said...

"so fuck off. "

You do not own this blog. You are here at the pleasure of the blog owner, and you will be responded to by all who may, at the pleasure of the blog owner. Your posts remain at the pleasure of the blog owner, just as your posts at Dr. Wes's blog do. By posting at this blog, you subject yourself to this.

If you want to be able to do this without restriction, and removing from the discussion all with whom you disagree, start your own blog. Wait, that would necessitate your revealing yourself, so I guess you just gotta stay here, trying to intimidate the blog owner into acceding to your demands.

"I hate word verification... please turn it off. I fucking hate typing those letters."

Again, you post here at the blog owner's pleasure; if you do not like the blog owner's positions, you can choose not to post here. Unfortunately, having to type letters doesn't stop you, so the blog owner would probably be glad that you're going through the extra effort.


Now, let me ask you a question. Do you have anything to do with the lawsuit filed against Dr. Wes in Cook County Court?

Anonymous said...

Looks you all have bigger things to be offened over than the word Yuck!

Anonymous said...

And how have I supported the breakdown of the family?

You don't listen. This was a one in several million spontaneous change.

I have known her for too long to believe that she is deluded about the brain body mismatch. I'm in a position to know. You aren't.

I hoped you might listen to someone who actually knows Zoe's situation. Doesn't look as if you are will to re-examine any belief of yours no matter how ill-founded, does it?

Zoe Brain said...

Yosemite Sam

An article on Families.

My own is shown here.

Family Values? Oh yes, I believe in those. But I use a different currency. Not Conformity, but Love.

Bad hair days said...

I would say, that someone who teaches his childs hatred is noone I would want to see around children.

Anonymous said...

RadarGrrl said...

Go ahead and target my blog, Flamebait. I don't have one. The only reason my name is registered here is so I can comment without having to be anonymous. Otherwise, you'll find maybe one, maybe two entries, and those are old.

And Zoe, I'm all for free speech too, but this shithead is crossing the line in at least one respect. He's making threats, some of which could be seen as illegal. His is not the language of 'disgust', as he terms what he is spouting, but decidedly the language of hate, and ultimately leads to yet another Gwen Araujo or Angie Zapata. What does "If I were Emperor, you would be shot" suggest to you?

Zoe Brain said...

What does it suggest to me?

That he has absolutely no farnarckling idea how many of us there are in the military, nor how many are ex-Special forces.

Nor how many of us that know more than a bit about IT infrastructure. It's a bit difficult running an Empire when the only communications you have are smoke signals and carrier pigeons.

It's ironic that he's using a computer to make his comments, because of course modern VLSI chips couldn't exist without Prof Lynn Conway's inventions.

RadarGirl, he's all hat, no cattle. I mean that in a good way. He doesn't strike me as the kind who would go around shooting children who are TS.

Anonymous said...

umm, back to the original post. ... is the game any good ?


Zoe Brain said...

I think so, or I wouldn't have blogged about it.

I confess that I don't actually have much time to play. It's only when I'm waiting for compiles and the like.