Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I blog about the science, and human rights issues. But sometimes it's personal. Sometimes I can't even attempt objectivity, I don't even want to.

As with this post. pieces of holes (TRIGGER WARNING) .Please read the whole thing.


Nichole said...

Having read and linked that post to my own blog and as someone who experienced much of the same factors as Little Light, Zoe, I find I feel the more stories such as her's get out and are passed thorugh not only the transgendered community, but the human community perhaps there will be a way we can come to see the validity, the heart and the passion of every last one of us.

What she experienced, the violation of her own body and the dismissal of that violation as somehow not being "worthy" because her humanity just didn't make it to a level that many of those around her could accept is a horrendous example of how we allow petty distinction to blind us to waht is infinitely visible could we but see it.

Humanity and understanding are not divisible into the narrow grouping we would divide them into. Which rape is worse: one done to a woman with a transsexing history or one done to a man in an alleyway or in a prison cell?

I cannot find the difference. And I imagine, knowing you, that neither can you.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


Then again, when AEBrain had that YouTube video of that Jazz kid, the kid though dressing like a girl and having long hair seemed to still look like a boy somehow and moved like a boy and walked like a boy.

It was uncanny in a way.

Bad hair days said...

Hello SDA

Zoe had some excelent thoughts about that factor. That a brain could be more easily be partly masculinzed as just even not. So there may be some tendencies like body behavior that might be mail. They were clearly not in my childhood and I only had to learn what society expect of girls like always keeping your knees together but defenetly not the basics. But I on the other hand, am very much into hightech (now profession) and low tech (old sports cars) which would be called male. Another TS/IS (status to be explored but many points to IS) even asked me if I take my antiandrogen, when I drove here arround. Which might or might not be nature vs. nature, I really can't tell it with just one sample ;-)

I really hate it when ts is discussed with seeing it as anything higher than TG (everyone that don't wish a full transition yet has a body deffering identity). Some Examples of TGs willing or unwilling include Riftgirl and Julia Serano, both WOMAN I admire much. Riftgirl did a great post on her blog discribing how she was diagnosed completly TS and then recognized that her male genital is a part of her body. Yet while in other ways completle female, that small part of brain masculinazation happened with her. I don't see her any less woman because of that.

By the way, everytime I tried that video (saw it first on other sites) it was to stuck and I gave up.

But if this kid is just playing a girl an comes to "his" mind later or if she is a real trans-girl, I really think its better to let her live that way, cause like the real life expierience(*) for grown ups this is really what says to you if a life in your prefered gender is of sense.

(*) A child does not need it, but I oppose the RLE before hormones in grown ups a lot, not the RLE itself

Anonymous said...


Bad hair days said...

Borderline Syndrom and Shizophrenic scenaries as well as fetishism (transvestic or autogenyphillia) all must be ruled out before the diagnosis transsexuality is given. Thats a fact in the standarts of care.

You have to prove you am sane to get letters of recommendation (for HRT and later for Surgery)

Anonymous said...


Bad hair days said...

The paper on borderline is from 85 when that was really thought of as a cause. It found its way into the diagnostics, as mentioned above. All previous named groups might claim and simulated transexuality, but they are not and giving them treatment would further lead to make them what they claimed to be. (to add one more group, the homophobe homosexual also really exists who rather likes to change sex then to admit to homosexuality)

It is important to rule those thins out before harm is done. But that will not be after a certain ammount of psychotherapie (espacially to rule that possibilites out) and espacially not after hormones are applied, because the change so much dramatically, that only the TS will feel at home at last.

To cite Blanchard is somewhat like to cite Janice Raymond. There is a good critic of that:

Anonymous said...

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