Friday, 24 October 2008

Today's Battle

Is over at Locusts and Honey, the GLB(but not T) Methodist religious blog. The usual attempt at education. You've seen it all before.

I got there via RMN Blog, the blog of the Reconciling Ministries Network. And in the process I saw in passing an article that caused me to think some very, very, very uncharitable thoughts.
Q: My 10-year-old son is acting like a girl. I beat him almost every day for this. People tell me he is going to be gay and that it doesn't matter how I beat him since the female hormones will be there because the Lord made him that way. I am planning to send him to his father in Kingston who says he can beat it out of him. What should I do? He is very bright in school.
I really think that if I met this woman, I'd commit mayhem. And wouldn't regret it.

If I was a person given to prayer, I wouldn't pray for forgiveness for my wishes. I wouldn't even pray for forgiveness for her. But I'd pray long and hard for her child. There'd be no room for dealing with anything else. So if any of my readers believe in the power of prayer, please devote all your energies to this kid's welfare. My own sins I'll pay for later, and gladly, if this child can be saved from this most un-natural and sanctimonious mother's tender mercies.

To state the bleedin' obvious, I'm a long way from sainthood, aren't I?


RadarGrrl said...

I wonder if there's any way this asshat could be traced such that Childrens' Aid could remove the child.

Battybattybats said...

I'm reminded of the bhuddist teachings on 'idiot compassion'. Something I'm too often guilty of.

And so following this wisdom of avoiding idiot compassion while I care about the woman as a human too, the best way to teach her is also the best way to help her daughter whose need is clearly greater. Report it to the authorities.

Her post is a public admission of the crime of physical abuse of a child.

The police can get the appropriate company to trace the IP address so she and her father lose custody and unsupervised access to their child.

That will give the parents the best chance to learn why what they are doing is monstrous and horrific and it gives the child a chance to survive.

Sevesteen said...

"I beat him. It didn't work, so the logical thing to do is arrange for more of what didn't work".

There's enough WTF to amaze me even without getting to why she's beating him.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Good ol' Jamaica, a place where you'll get 10 years hard labor for male-on-male sodomy, and it ain't no blue book law either.

Bad hair days said...

Hello Zoƫ,

Its nothing directly related, but have you seen this:

Anonymous said...

Why are people cruel to their children? I don't understand it.