Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Chainsaw Bayonet???

Now where have I seen something like that before.... oh yes.


Lucrece said...

Long live WH40K!!!!

Battybattybats said...

Ah but when you need to use it against the tyranids you've likely already lost :)

I've heard people say this would be a good tool to use against zombies.

Chainsaws Vs zombies seems a popular notion.

But if the zombification is a blood-borne disease then I'm not sure a high-splatter weapon would be a good idea.

Laserlight said...

I've always found the chainsaw bayonet has torque problems, and the splatter can get messy. However, it's significantly more effective at incapacitating zombies than a regular bayonet, pool cue, baseball bat, chair leg, normal (non-holy) sword, golf wood, curling iron, or thrown ceramic plates.
I personally prefer a plasma gun, but autofire shotgun makes a nice backup.