Monday, 2 February 2009

Law, Order, Google and NASA

A Video on how NASA (and other organisations) manage to do the impossible: to take some of the most intelligent and creative people on the planet, people who generate the most startlingly innovative ideas... and stifle them.

Curtsy : Wayne Hale's NASA Blog

Been there, done that. Or rather, had it done to me. It doesn't just happen at NASA.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, ain't it precisely why Rome fell?

Anonymous said...

Do you think it was right for the UK social services to tell the grandparents that if they objected to the taking away of their grandchildren, they would never see them again?

Zoe Brain said...

Comment: Loss of familial rights to the State is an enormous issue, but clouding it, belittling it and sidelining it to a story defined by sensationalism, bigotry, and slanted journalism; attempting to use an emotional 'hot button' issue does only one thing: it takes away the focus on the loss of familial rights by the State and attempts to place the blame on that 'emotional hot button issue'. In this case, that 'issue' is homosexuals attempting to adopt and care for children who are up for adoption. This article utilizes wholly un-sourced 'facts' stated by a representative of the Catholic Church, and biased interpretations by understandably emotionally distraught grandparents.

If this article were written to focus on the core issue - the loss of familial rights to the State, then the irrelevant fact of who was adopting these children would not even need to be mentioned, much less focused on to the exclusion of anything else.

This article is a classic example of the use of an emotionally biased issue to move the focus away from the true perpetrator, a State with intrusive power that cannot be challenged.


And this has exactly what to do with the topic of the post? You don't actually read the posts, do you?

Perhaps you should make your own blog.

Anonymous said...

I actually do. I just think that if something generally fits within the topic of the blog, then a comment can go into the latest blog post, to ensure that it is read--if I dig back a month to one that might be relevant, it might never get read, as there doesn't seem to be a comments feed.

Anyway, that is a good point. I'm on the fence about homosexual adoption, but my main objection was the heavy-handedness of the state actors in making this threat against the grandparents. Thank you for the resource that you posted.