Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gay Chimerality?

The Chimera Hypothesis: Homosexuality and Plural Pregnancy
Eventually, it was a search into the phenomenon of twinning, which is the main cause of chimerism (excluding fetal cell chimerism in mothers), that led me to the work of Dr. Charles Boklage, a geneticist who is at the forefront of research into chimerism and twinning. Boklage is of the opinion that chimerism is at the root of many poorly-understood conditions and traits, including homosexuality. His research, although considered controversial, was essential to a better understanding of the complex subject of embryology. Furthermore, Richard Lippa, who discovered associations between hair whorls, handedness and homosexuality, introduced the idea of selection for a gene that might predispose people to homosexuality, counter-clockwise hair whorls and left-handedness. His explanation was that perhaps what’s being selected is phenotypical diversity, but he left out the association between twinning and the characteristics he studied. Twinning suggests increased fertility, which is always a factor in selection. So perhaps homosexuality is incidental to increased maternal fertility in the rather unique environment of the human womb, which is not designed for plural pregnancies....

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