Friday, 13 March 2009

Medical Arrogance

I'm almost too angry to comment rationally. The video speaks for itself.

It's not complicated.
Let the kid grow up sufficiently so they can tell us what gender they are - and then support them in whatever they decide. Male, female, or something else.
Yes, there may be a cancer risk - in 15 years time. No surgery is needed before that age.

As for this "doctor"? Malpractice. Child Abuse. Sexual Abuse. Strike him from the register, and put him on a list of sex offenders. Confiscate all his assets.

But would it do any good? Well, it would stop a repeat offence, and act as a strong deterrent. And more merciful than another alternative that springs to mind. One involving surgical shears. If it was me though, I'd add that as a punishment, not substitute it.

Now I'm going to have a good, solid cry for this little boy. And try to regain my composure, and try very, very hard to forgive this arrogant, blundering, sadistic fool.

I may be some time doing that. Even when I was 8 years old, I felt very protective of young children.

I wish this were an isolated case. But it's what happens to Intersexed children. Adults too, but somehow it's so much worse when a child is the victim.


E said...

Since having SRS, I have attempted to obtain my hospital records. Those from my birth hospital are gone, but the urinary tract defect that required surgery when I was 5 is typically found in girls.

Twice I have asked my mother whether there was anything and twice she has changed the subject in manner that is rare for her. I won't ask again. The past is past and, knowing the real me, anything that was done probably pains her even more than me.

I only hope that no child born intersexed is treated as a surgeon's plaything.

Anonymous said...

Mengele-style surgeons doing this to intersex newborns... Westmead, Monash, the USA...

Bunny said...

Absolutely astounding. I'm speechless. Fact is, this doctor will probably keep his license, and keep practicing. Doctors are the most arrogant professional pricks around and always cover for each other.

Nichole said...

I can't stop crying, even as I am thinking I shoukd be glowing white-hot with hatred for the incredibly self-willed and moronic doctor who did this.

Yes, license to practice pulled, major payment to the child and the child's family by the doctor's last insurance company, jail time for child abuse and just being an infinitely horrible human being.

O, that little boy.

Anonymous said...

I saw this vidio quite a while back. Is a pretty sad comment on the operating physician for sure.

In the piece I saw there was mention in the accompanying article that stated where the parents lived but for the life of me I can't remember where that was.

Anonymous said...

This is out and out criminal behaviour. And guess what, it's sometimes done to adults as well.

There is only one answer to stopping this. Civilized countries need to criminally outlaw surgical mutilation without consent of intersexed bodies......period. And doctors who abuse their positions to make unfounded claims to do these surgeries labeled sex offenders.

I was a double victim of this sort of surgical abuse....I'll never forgive those who did it to me.

Anonymous said...

Damnit! I'd thought David Reimer's tragic life would have settled this! He and his brother DIED because of this sort of arrogance! HOW can this still be accepted medical practice?!

Goddess, poor Patrick. I hope they destroy this doctor. I hope there are criminal charges as well.


RadarGrrl said...

Surgical John Moneys are not what society needs. I hope this asshole and the arrogant fucks that are like him, are sued off the planet.

Kathleen said...

And yet I watch this, and I'm uplifted.

I see two people who don't care if their little boy is formed differently. They love him.

I see two siblings who only know him as their brother.

I see a legal system that will provide a public venue for these ugly people who pose as doctors to be called out and punished.

I see a medical system that can help him be a boy, albeit via drugs he will have to take for the rest of his life.

And I see a group of people who are outraged, livid, absolutely willing to go to the ends of the earth to publicize just how badly this boy was treated by the medical community.

RadarGrrl said...

All very true, and it's good to see. But it still doesn't excuse this total arsepick of a doctor, who should never be allowed around children of any gender ever again.