Saturday, 6 June 2009

I thought the Onion was meant to be satirical #2

Every single talking point in this video has actually been brought up as a serious proposal in one or another state legislature the USA, and Federally in Australia. A few of the bill's contents are actually local law.

If you think I exaggerate, here's what a reminder of what MassResistance said:
"…transgender/transsexual” activists… want to offer your children on the bloody altar of transsexuality — pulling them into sex-change operations involving unimaginable bodily mutilations and hormonal manipulations.

The culture of death has created a compulsion in the souls of the homosexual radicals and their "trans" allies, driving them ever further into new perversions. There is no bottom to this pit of depravity, and they will drag many innocent victims along with them: the young, the lonely, the psychologically and physically wounded, the confused – including some of your children and grandchildren, family, friends and neighbors. There will be no safe haven. You cannot cocoon in your homes or churches. Our public schools, businesses, public accommodations (which may include churches), your employers and insurers, will all be forced to yield to yet-undefined perversions, protected by law."

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MgS said...

I think MassResistance almost out wingnuts the wingnuttiness of AFTAH - LaBarbera is almost articulate in comparison.