Monday, 8 June 2009

Two Puberties

Via Cee Bee to Cee's Friend Feed, a comparative pictorial in the Morning News of some women going through puberty, comparing young girls who are the "standard factory model" with those forced to take a detour along the way.

From the description:

The series is a correlation of two stages of transformation, pairing teen girls (12-14) with like adult male-to-female transsexuals. The Teen and Transgender Comparative Study is currently showing at The Hammer Museum in Nine Lives, curated by Ali Subotnick.
I find the pictures strangely disturbing, so I can't blame anyone else for feeling the same way. But I know, to the innermost core of my being, that all these women are going through the same frightening, wonderful changes. That they all share the same innocence, and the same vulnerability. They're all just girls, you see. You have to look beyond superficialities.


Anonymous Woman said...

i ran across this a while ago.

It depressed the hell out of me for some reason.

Zoe Brain said...

If depressed- have a look at Dr Suporn's website on FFS.

In particular here.

I've met her BTW. The "after" photos are accurate, though she is a brunette now.

So's this one. Mardie's one of my best friends, we had GRS together, and she visits here now and then.

I've not had FFS, partly the price, partly because Dr Suporn said he could only make marginal improvements.

tata said...

I must have missed something because I liked the work. The choice of child model to match the adult is stunning (that must have been the order due to the short supply of TS models)

The 'rabbit in the headlight' pose does make them seem to be wondering about their futures though I agree.
Maybe they are thinking about the loss of childhood...

Anonymous Woman said...

i intend on having FFS. As always, just like with SRS, it's a matter of money. There's only so many hours in a day, and only so many jobs i can work.

i have not had any kind of consultation done. There is this for anyone interested...

She takes your photographs and alters them to reflect specific surgeries, so you can have the before and after shots to view and get an idea if surgery is for you.