Monday, 20 July 2009

40 Years Ago, Today

The Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter's view of the Apollo-11 landing site. That little dark dash in the centre of the picture is the shadow cast by the Lunar Landing Module descent stage, which remained on the Moon. You can clearly see next to it the "crater the size of a football field" that they had to avoid when landing. Only about 30 metres across, but a pardonable exaggeration under the circumstances.

More pictures of other Apollo landing sites are at the NASA LRO page.


RadarGrrl said...

This pic prolly still won't satisfy the conspiracy theorists, who will insist it was Photoshopped.

tata said...

I looked for the luna rovers, but they are probably too low to cast much of a shadow also may be 'dusted' due to assent stage of the LEM returning to orbit. I look forward to the hi res images.
Always something interesting on your blog Zoe, thanks.