Thursday, 16 July 2009

We Choose The Moon

Well, we did 40 years ago. has a live broadcast - with a 40 year delay - of the astronauts transmissions as they were received.

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Anonymous said...

yes, it was great.
I remember it as it was yesterday and now I am reading, listening and watching AGAIN everything related to these times.
I started to be an aviation fan before all of it.
Perhaps you don't know the story of the two Judica-Cordiglia brothers that followed DIRECTLY from the terrace of their building here in Torino ALL the radio cummunications of the USSR activities since the beginning!!
Includind some communications (the first only on Morse!!) of agonizing persons from space.
it was an all do-it-yourself job.
Before reading this I read your post (fantastic!!) about Miles Aircraft.
I ask you to help me to find the what is possible about the Miles Hawk Trainer (the civil one, BEFORE the RAF contracts for the Magister).
I am writing a book about Franco Bianco, pioneer of civil and commercial aviation in Southern Patagonia, that in 1936 opened the route (solo flight) frona Punta Arenas and Santiago in Chile.
i had the honour to know him well when living in Punta Arenas myself.
This year with his family we'll celebrate his 100th year from birth, with the book, an exposition and I hope some conferences, both in Chile and here in Torino (Italy). His parents emigrated from here and he was born already in Punta Arenas, where he was the Italian Consul for a long time.
I had already from his family a lot of information and photos of his activities there.
Actually I am trying to find especially plans and drawings of the airplane code CC-FBB (Chilean registration) produced in 1936.
Congratulations for your blog.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards.
Mario Brigando
RIVOLI (Torino) Italy