Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wednesdays in Pictures

But seriously... as my GP said the other day before using a scalpel to slice open my tush to insert a pellet, "You thrive on stress, don't you Zoe? Admit it, you wouldn't miss doing a PhD for the world!"

Darnit, he's right. I'm just thriving a bit too much at the moment. Never mind, on Saturday I leave for Hawaii with my family for a 2-week vacation. We arrive 10 hours before we leave.

And hopefully I'll be seeing Milton Diamond there over dinner a week later.

It's the first time I've actually paid for a trip overseas, and the first time we've had a vacation longer than a week off since our honeymoon. That was delayed a few years, we both were too busy to take time off at the time we were married. We had four weeks driving around the UK (I'd been posted to the Netherlands at the time, and the boat train was cheap). We got a little irradiated by the Chernobyl fallout in Scotland when the cloud did a U-turn over the Atlantic. *SIGH*.

That was.. 1986. 23 years ago. Time for another one, I think. This time with three of us.

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Legal Eagle said...

I LOVE THIS! Particularly the regretful storm trooper, but ALSO the PhD one...I've got about a year to go with my PhD...feeling constant guilt!