Tuesday, 22 September 2009

For a Friend of Mine

From Spider Robinson:


Earlier his year a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Andresz Busczowski, helped Jeanne Robinson beat back a rare and virulent form of biliary cancer. But it’s so rare even he can’t say how much time he‘s bought her, how soon it might recur—and her latest blood tests have been so discouraging they’ve now decided she needs to start chemotherapy as soon as possible. Besides the prescription drugs to counteract the chemotherapy, she needs special therapies and supplements, counseling, and extensive diet and lifestyle changes, to reduce her stress level and the strain on her liver to as close to zero as possible. All those things are expensive...and like many artists today the Robinsons were already running on fumes financially.

But Jeanne, a Soto Zen monk, has been spreading love and kindness in all directions for a long time. So her Buddhist sangha in Vancouver, her neighbors on Bowen Island, and friends as far away as Florida have all spontaneously come together to raise funds to help keep her around as long as possible. Your participation is welcomed.

Another way to help would be to buy their books from Amazon by clicking-through from the site http://www.spiderrobinson.com/books.html, so Jeanne and Spider can get the affiliate commission. All three of us promise you an entertaining read.

A number of people have donated things - it's too late to get a Dinner with Harlan Ellison, but not too late to get rare, signed first editions from major SF authors, and all manner of unique memorabilia over at the Jeanne Robinson Benefit Auction at e-bay.

You can read Jeanne’s recent blog entry, The Third Act, to get a sense of how she’s feeling at http://stardancemovie.blogspot.com/.

Checks made to 'Jeanne Robinson' can be sent to

First Credit Union,
Box 190
101-475 Trunk Road,
Bowen Island, BC
V0N 1G0

Donate by PayPal

Jeanne's Paypal account is here. Send via paypal to jeannedream@gmail.com

Just click on the button if you have a PayPal account or a Credit Card.

Spider got one bit slightly wrong. It's not as far away as Florida. It's from as far away as Australia now.


Dyssonance said...

was directed back to a thread on Aria's a short while back.

Thanks, Zoe.

I'm decidedly not going to win any awards among that group of particularly virulent bigots any time soon.

Zoe Brain said...

Dyss - you and I are very different people, and although we agree on most things, not quite all.

For what that's worth, you get an award from me though. Nothing you don't deserve, merely recognition that you've done more to help in practical terms than anyone else I know. More than that bunch put together - though that wouldn't be hard.

I couldn't let such a monstrous injustice as the one they did you pass without rebuttal, that's all. Deliberate and malicious cruelty always rubs me the wrong way. When combined with injustice... no. I can't let that go by unchallenged.

You are a wonderful woman, and a thoroughly decent human being. Tenacious, compassionate. I know of no higher praise.

Merely "semi-coherent light" at the moment said...

Zoe, as far as that "Tenacious, compassionate, no higher praise" thing goes...you should look in a mirror sometime