Thursday, 17 September 2009

For Medicinal Purposes Only, of course.

From the New York Times :
In a study that will provide comfort to chocoholics everywhere, researchers in Sweden have found evidence that people who eat chocolate have increased survival rates after a heart attack — and it may be that the more they eat, the better.
Compared with people who ate none, those who had chocolate less than once a month had a 27 percent reduction in their risk for cardiac death, those who ate it up to once a week had a 44 percent reduction and those who indulged twice or more a week had a 66 percent reduced risk of dying from a subsequent heart event. The beneficial effect remained after controlling for intake of other kinds of sweets.
Make mine Lindt 80% cocoa mass dark chocolate please, three times a week. For medicinal purposes only, of course.


Jamie said...

Same, only the 'intense mint' variant. :)

Laserlight said...

I'm allergic to chocolate--nausea, vertigo, headache and other unpleasantries. I guess I'll need to make sure my will is up to date.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I am all for studies that TELL me to eat chocolate. I'm off to look for one to TELL me to drink more wine and then? My life will be completely perfect.

Zoe Brain said...

The health benefits of one glass of red wine per day have been noted for some time.


Glad to help.