Saturday, 3 October 2009

An Expensive Trick

My Son's peculiar father did a really great trick when Andrew was just 3. He turned into a girl!

I've always done some simple prestidigitation to entertain him. He likes doing tricks too. But next time, I'll check that the trick doesn't involve money.....


Anonymous said...

Your son is beautiful, Zoe. Enjoy him while he is at this age. It passes quickly enough.


Buck said...

Nice video. He's of a wonderful age and probably a good sight more accepting of the biology than most so-called grown ups.

Kudos, Zoe!

ps I don't comment much because honestly the biology is pretty much beyond me, but your writing is so good I have you in my RSS reader.

Adrian Ravensoul said...

What an awesome, bright lad. He's a blessing and I wish him nothing but the absolute best. =D