Sunday, 11 October 2009

I Blame Blogging

For a show like The Hungry Beast.

It's original. It certainly doesn't conform to any known pattern. "Some strange, some silly, and some serious TV." Which sounds a bit like the philosophy here : "Intermittent postings from Canberra, Australia on Software Development, Space, Politics, and Interesting URLs. And of course, Brains..."

It's a pot-pourri, a smorgasbord of stories, some sweet, some sour, some savoury, and some unsavoury. Something to tickle every palate, and nauseate a few too. To some, the contrasts will be like a Fish Milkshake. To others, the bite of the satirical comedy highlights the real effects on people's lives of tragedy. Not that they need highlighting - the film-makers present reality raw, unspun, even a little rough around the edges, but above all, honest.

It's life.

It's also quintessentially Australian in character. I know of no other country that could produce a program like this one. Few would want to, it's too unsophisticated for those who take themselves terribly, terribly seriously. How can you do a story puncturing sacred cows in the media, add one on a cat who cons little old ladies, then follow up by the heart-wrenching story of a soldier's widow? That was just in the first episode. The more serious stuff has extended versions available on the show's website, what's put on air is more of an abstract than a complete story.

Nat and I recently found out how they do business. No makeup, no pretence, and the only re-takes are when an aircraft goes by or a lawnmower starts up. 95% of the take will end up on the cutting-room floor - the segments can only be 5 minutes long - but what there is is unfiltered reality. They threw away the rulebook, and made their own.

There'll be an episode with a story on Intersex in the near future. Of two different people, of different ages, but sharing a common situation. Two people, friends, who meet in 3D for the first time. Both with a burning desire to inform the public about Intersexuality, just by being themselves. We can't all hide, all the time.


Nat said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product. And hoping I don't end up looking like a tool ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like TV Nation for Aussies.

Anonymous said...

"but what there is is unfiltered reality"

Well any reality show I ever heard of is staged. It is the illusion of reality.

Nat said...

Reality show?

We were just interviewed...

Anonymous said...

"We were just interviewed..."

Like Socrates interviews? They can get you to say anything they want.

Zoe Brain said...

It's not a reality show. It's a reality record.

Not all, and you can slant stuff by omitting things that don't fit a pre-determined lede. They don't seem to though. You'll only see one facet of a complex whole, but what you see is authentic.

Go to the site, and see the past shows. Also have a look at the web-content-only in-depth stories. Also have a look at Ali Russel's previous work.

Nat said...

Hey Zoe,
You know that doctor you told me about in Bondi? Could you send me his info because I want to get in touch with him. My current doctor is completely clueless. I want to be able to have a frank discussion, not to be just told what I need.

Zoe Brain said...

Here ya go, Nat.

Prof Alfred W Steinbeck.

Sorry your Endo is a clue-free zone.

Nat said...


stuffsaid said...

Wow! Congrats!

As a gay guy, I've learnt heaps from your blog about people, sex, science, culture and society.

And I like Hungry Beast too. I saw your comment on their website and decided to check out your review.

I am absolutely ecstatic that you are being interviewed. I just wanted to say thank-you. You know, for doing what you do.