Friday, 30 October 2009

The Same Old Lies

A Group in Gainesville, Florida made the following commercial. It has no resemblance to the truth, but that didn't stop them.

Since the ordnance was passed, none of the dire predictions have come to fruition. They know that. Everyone knows that, and wonders what gave them the idea that such lies could possibly be true.

Now in Kalamazoo, a like-minded group have made another commercial.

It may work this time. Tell the same lie over and over again, and some will think that it might be true.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

They're not lying.

In reality, all this guy would have to do is say he really feels like a woman inside for him to be legally inside that bathroom.

Many women would have severe problems with that. You are butting up against that.

Zoe Brain said...

Not as such - any more than someone caught in a bank vault could escape investigation if he just said he was a locksmith.

He'd have to provide some evidence. Because his appearance would provide the presumption of guilt necessary for further investigation.

Courts do have some sense, at times.

Leigh said...

There is no definition of what a transgender is. Just look at Jasper!

Therefore, the reality is that it could happen as sumptos said above.