Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My Politics

Finally, the good folks of Rebellion, a neo-Confederate site (according to them slavery wasn't all bad... most of the darkies were happy knowing their place...) have come up with a phrase for such as I. Charles Johnson put it together, and although I don't agree with everything he believes (for example, I'm an anthropogenic global warming (AGW) sceptic), close enough.

I too am a "dangerous Neocon pro-war left-globalist secular revolutionary manipulator". Oh, and a Zionist too, even if I am a Shiksa.


Lloyd Flack said...

It's interesting what fields those AGW sceptics with a technical background tend to come from. More than anywhere else they tend to come from IT. What is surprising is the number that come from archeological or geological backgrounds.

In most of cases I think we have intuitions developed in one area leading them astray when they get misapplied to another area which is not as similar as it looks.

Lloyd Flack said...

Also, and this is more speculative, people in IT are more exposed than most to internet myths.

Laserlight said...

Congratulations, Zoe, and welcome to the vast D N P-W L-G S R M Z conspiracy. Your secret decoder ring is in the mail. Fnord.

Anonymous said...

Slave owners come in many forms. Today they are called corporations.

Anonymous said...

I'm a dangerous anarcho-socialist anti-globalist secular revolutionary subversive. I guess we're supposed to fight to the death or something, but I for one can't be bothered.

Plus there are much more dangerous common enemies around.

Curvaceous Dee said...

As an aside, Zoe- I've given you the 'You Are a Great Read' award. Read all about it here.

xx Dee