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A Dialogue with Ron Gold - Part II

Following on from a previous post:

Ronald Gold wrote:

Sorry, but I think I need more clarification of all this.

No problems! Glad to get a dialogue going.

Are you saying that the neuroanatomy -- by which I think you are saying possession of what you're calling a male or female brain -- is entirely the cause of the transsexual phenomenon -- and that my guess about a societally induced cause is all wet?

Um... yes. There's two different ideas here. The first is whether the cause is neurobiological. The second is the societal cause hypothesis. That one's easier to test first.

If it were true that "it's a fair cop, but society is to blame", then trans women would universally be Doris Day stereotypes. Now while some are, many are not. About the same range of behaviours as for non-trans (cis-) women. In fact, rather more are into traditionally "masculine" pursuits, such as engineering, and especially Information Technology. You certainly wouldn't expect the observed fact that 60% of them would be involved in the military. By the "social pressure" hypothesis, that should be the last thing you'd expect, the shattering of conventional gender roles, when gender role is supposed to be why they feel the way they do.

You also wouldn't expect such phenomena as cis-women with CAH syndrome (a form of intersex that masculinises 46xx women in the womb and afterwards) to universally show "typically male" behaviour patterns when young, playing with trucks rather than dolls. By rights, they should be like other girls. The same with intersexed men with 5ARD syndrome. This feminises the body in the womb, but masculinises it at puberty. How to explain that 1/2 to 2/3 change gender roles to male despite a normal feminine upbringing - or the 1/3 to1/2 that do not, despite their body masculinising? Something other than societal pressure must be at work.

Finally, there's no way of accounting for the narratives of many trans women who consistently state that they've known they were female since very early childhood, before such societal pressures could be manifest - unless to condemn them all as deluded or fooling themselves.

Does everybody who wants or is judged qualified for sex-change surgery have neuroanatomy opposite from their physical anatomy, or only some, or only partially, as I think you said?

We don't know. We've never found a single example of someone tracked for surgery that wasn't cross-sexed neurologically, nor a single example of anyone cross-sexed neurologically that wasn't tracked for surgery. But that's due to selection bias. It's easier for the purposes of getting clear experimental results to divide the population into cis-sexual (but possibly gay) on one hand, surgery-tracked unambiguous (possibly gay) trans-sexual on the other, discarding as "too ambiguous" the great majority of trans-gendered people who have no wish for surgical change, and those who desire hormone treatment but nothing else. They have not been studied.

We have shown that treatment comparable to surgery and hormones - orchidectomy and HRT treatment for testicular prostate cancer - has no effect on the area of the brain in question in cis-sexual men. And that trans-sexual women have the cross-sexed neuroanatomy even before starting treatment. The data we have on trans men is more sparse and less certain, but appears to show the same thing.

Aren't there people who've never thought themselves to be in the wrong body who also have these differences between body and brain?

Not that we've ever found, no. Until we have sample sizes in the tens of thousands, rather than the hundreds, we can't be completely certain. But we're more certain than for many other medical conditions that are accepted as proven.

If so, what makes them content to leave their bodies alone?

As for the brain-body map, that's an area that needs more study. Most of our knowledge comes from looking at people with BDD(Body dysmorphic disorder); amputees; and those born with supernumary arms, legs, hands etc . The first are a group of people who do not have the usual map, and request amputation of perfectly healthy limbs that they feel "don't belong". The second group are people who are missing limbs, and some (not all) of whom feel terrible distress that "something is missing", quite apart from the inconvenience of a "difference of a pinion". The third group is a mixed bunch - a minority are fine with their unusual situation (even if the supernumery body parts are dysfunctional), the great majority wish to be rid of things that "don't feel right", but a substantial proportion "just want to look normal" so request amputation even if it's not necessary, for purely sociological reasons. The BDD group is particularly problematic, as there are at least two different etiologies here: one involving sexual fetishisation, the other apparently a neurological anomaly, with quite different symptoms. The number of people who have acquired BDD due to strokes or other neurological damage is too small for us to use as a tool for examining which part of the brain is involved - damage in the area we think this resides in will almost always be fatal, it's too close to the areas that regulate breathing, heartbeat etc. Which makes sense, if you think about it.

You seem to say that hormones don't make much difference outside the womb, but then go on to say, I think, that female neuroanatomy makes those with male physical anatomy intolerant of male hormones (I recall one blogger saying what a relief it was to not have testosterone in the system, or words to that effect). You talk about hormone therapy, presumably to correct this intolerance. So why doesn't this suffice in lieu of surgery?

For many people it does, and the therapists dealing with this issue always try to have the minimum intervention possible. Rather than pressuring people to have surgery, it's quite the reverse. Only the most determined can get through all the hoops, and overcome all the barriers placed in their way. Many suicide instead. Better that a hundred should die because they didn't get treatment, than one get treatment who shouldn't have - because suicides don't sue.

At least, that's the case everywhere in the world except Iran. There, they surgically create transsexuals by mutilating gay men and lesbian women, and transgendered people who do not desire surgery, in order to make them conform to their idea of societal norms. If they don't agree to this, they kill them.
I suspect your answer would have something to do with the fact that you refer to some people as "transsexual women rather than men" a phrase, I must tell you, that sticks in my craw, because I think of it as something constructed out of whole cloth, not out the biology you've discussed, even including the "internal body map" you've yet to persuade me actually exists.

The concept of the "body map" is not controversial - you can see the effects using MRI imaging, and even modify the body map to some degree in some cases:
See for example "Neuroplasticity in amputees: Main implications on bidirectional interfacing of cybernetic hand prostheses " by DiPino et al, Progress in Neurobiology Volume 88, Issue 2, June 2009, Pages 114-126 Conversely, "Phantom Limb syndrome" is well-documented, when the body map insists that a limb is still there even after amputation.

See also this:
Experts at the University of California in San Diego, USA, found that 60 per cent of interviewed heterosexual men who had their genitals surgically removed following cancer claimed to continue to experience the sensation of having a penis.

Intriguingly, the same study showed that only 30 per cent of originally male transsexuals, whose genitals had been removed as part of gender reassignment, reported the same phenomenon.

"We explain the absence or presence of phantoms in these subjects by postulating a hardwired gender-specific body image in the brain that does not match the external [birth] gender" said lead author and phantom limb expert Vilayanur Ramachandran. He argues that before birth the brain may develop an image of the body that may not necessarily match the physiological outcome.

Which is the "pop sci" version of this rather dry material:
Occurrence of phantom genitalia after gender reassignment surgery V.S. Ramachandran, Paul D. McGeoch - Medical Hypotheses (2007) 69, 1001–1003

Ok, now leaving the "body map" issue aside - let's look at the question of male and female. Do these words have any meaning at all? Are they nothing but a sociological construct? Are they meaningful only in a statistical sense when it comes to biology, and nothing else? I'll attempt to answer that further on.

Because I know that there are real differences in human personalities independent of gender, and view these differences as significantly more important than the stuff like sense of smell that can (and not always, I gather) be attributed to male and female brains, I'm quite content to define a man or woman by their external (and internal, by the way) anatomies, and start hollering, when somebody -- whether a macho straight person or a *transexual" -- tells me they're a REAL man or woman.

There's a real problem with that though. Defining "male" and "female" using any other metric than neuroanatomy. I'm content to define "man" and "woman" entirely on the basis of that, while recognising that in some cases, even that's ambiguous, and under those circumstances one should just ask the person concerned. I'm also content to allow that under those circumstances, it may be useful to consider other factors, such as genitalia, chromosomes, endocrine system, the "externals".

The problem is not some transsexual man hollering that they are a "REAL man". It's that great majority of cis-sexual people, gay and straight, who insist, volubly, and sometimes in legislation, that they are NOT.

A quick digression:
I get the distinct impression - please correct me if I'm wrong - that you have absolutely no conception of just how bizarre and inhuman the treatment of trans people is in the USA and elsewhere. It's what we call "cis-privilege", like "white privilege" or even "western privilege". You consider it abnormal, even unthinkable, that you could routinely be denied the ability to re-enter the country should you leave it. I don't. It took me a 20-month legal battle to "earn" that right. You consider it similarly abnormal if you're automatically under sentence of death should your plane land in the wrong country due to a technical malfunction. I don't. While 5 gays were killed just for being gay last year (according to FBI figures), newspaper reports showed at least 19 trans people were killed just for being trans. The FBI wasn't even allowed to keep statistics about trans people's deaths until a month ago. Think about that.

You are denied the right to marry in your state, right? - But in Australia, where I live, I can only marry a man (as same sex marriage is even more anathema here than in the US), but only marry another woman in the UK, where I was born (as same sex marriage is anathema there too), and there I'm considered legally male as I'm Intersexed rather than Transsexual. As for the situation in the US....
“Taking this situation to its logical conclusion, Mrs. Littleton, while in San Antonio, Texas, is a male and has a void marriage; as she travels to Houston, Texas, and enters federal property, she is female and a widow; upon traveling to Kentucky she is female and a widow; but, upon entering Ohio, she is once again male and prohibited from marriage; entering Connecticut, she is again female and may marry; if her travel takes her north to Vermont, she is male and may marry a female; if instead she travels south to New Jersey, she may marry a male.”

Now let's look at some comments in various publications - first, the mainstream New York Times, then the Gay site Queerty:
> Comments from:
> New York Times
> I know it’s not Politically Correct to say this, but I really
> don’t buy the whole “transgender” concept.
> Sex is a biological thing - either your male, or you’re female
> (with the exception of a tiny handful of folks who are born as
> intersex or hermaphrodite people).
> Gender and gender roles are social, they vary depending on the
> society you live in, or what community or class you occupy within
> a society.
> As for this idea that there are “men trapped in women’s bodies” or
> “women trapped in men’s bodies” - the Nazis invented that idea!
> It was the Nazis explanation for homosexuality, and the infamous
> Dr Josef Mengele, an aggressive proponent of the “transgender”
> idea, performed the world’s first (non consensual) sex
> reassignment surgery on gay men who were prisoners at the SS
> Medical Research Station at Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
> The modern “transgender” concept is just latter day Nazi
> pseudoscience, and it’s long past time we renounce this awful concept.
> Men who think they are women and women who think they are men are
> deeply delusional gays and lesbians (who’s delusion has deep roots
> in our society’s homophobia) who need psychotherapy so they can be
> rehabilitated and lead healthy lives as gay men and lesbian women.
> — Gregory A. Butler

> Queerty
> Terriwill:
> No. 6 · Kian: You are 100% incorrect, I don't dislike trans
> people. I simply do not like when persons who very clearly state
> that they are straight attempt to wedge themselves under the GLB
> umbrella. Chaz is the most famous trans person in recent memory.
> What statement did he make in one of the first interviews?? "we
> are just like any other straight couple" But in this post like
> previous you and the band of trans are gonna be all over any kind
> of post which says anything which you do not like to see. Trans
> people bring a lot of baggage with them, you expect to be welcomed
> into the GLB struggle yet many of you claim to be straight. Its
> the people who do not identify themselves as Gay that need to go away

> Terriwill
> No. 8 · spalatos: I have two major trans issues:
> 1- When a trans person misrepresents themselves and LIES about
> their true sex to lure someone into a sexual situation and then is
> upset if that person freaks out. This behaviour is 100%
> unacceptable. If you are not 100% comfortable in the skin you are
> going to be wearing after surgery you are not ready for said surgery.
> 2- When a trans person identifies themselves as "straight" I am
> sorry we catch too much shit from the haters out there who claim
> that being Gay is a choice. One of their most succesful arguments
> in denying us equal protections is that being Gay as opposed to
> being say a woman or black is a choice and therefor unlike being a
> woman or black who were born that way there is justification in
> denying us equal protections under the law. Straight Parents who
> support us are a tremendous asset to the community. However there
> is a huge difference between an ally of the Gays and someone
> claiming membership in the Gay community while stating they are in
> fact straight.
> I do not hate trans persons. I hate numbers 1&2 above. I find
> nothing incorrect about those positions. However the trans people
> who post here will never accept any type of criticism. Instead
> they adopt behaviours and start flingiing insults that would warm
> the cold hearts of any rightwing nut bag lunatic……….

> naghanenu:
> My favorite poster today….TERRIWILL!!!!!!!!!!!!
> You rock! You rock! Ive lolling all morning(wipes tears from eyes)
> I am uncomfortable with transfolk..period. I am sorry. I promised
> myself id try but God almighty, they freak me out.
> The idea that by mutilating your body and take chemicals that
> distort your body is just insane to me. There i said it…im sorry

> naghanenu
> Yes, i meant it. Im sorry but that is the truth.
> Transgenderism is said to be a disorder right? Ok cool. I RESPECT
> THAT. I RESPECT THEM TOO. It takes courage to live your life as u
> should without fear of condemnation and prejudice. Doesnt mean i
> cant get freaked out. I mean i see a woman everyday and i think
> wow she's tall. Just found out she was a tranny. I WAS FREAKED.
> Her face was really better than some id seen and she looked like a
> real woman. All curvy and hot. Needless to say, good hormone
> therapy for her. But i cant date her. why? she has a penis. She
> does not have a least i don think so. I still see her
> has a man. Its so weird and wrong somehow.
> That said….trannies make me uncomfortable

My comment on the subject:
> Let's see... a trans man is simultaneously:
> A propagator of Nazi Pseudo-Science
> A straight man who doesn't belong with GLBs
> Not a "real" man, but a deceiving liar
> A lesbian who's deluded and mutilated
> But they don't dislike him. Good job - think what they'd say if they did!
> Seriously, it's the "they freak me out" aspect that comes first. People don't like to think that they're prejudiced, irrational and bigoted, so they must either
> a) confront their irrational dislikes, accept them as irrational even if they can't overcome them, and move on or;
> b) find or manufacture some justification, religious or otherwise, so they can feel good and even righteous about being uncomfortable around "these people".
> Hence the sometimes bizarre and contradictory "justifications" put forward for racism and homophobia. Oh yes, transphobia too.

Yes, that is a challenge for you. Please do some introspection. OK, end of digression.

Why do I say that there's a problem using any other metric other than neurology for determining sex? I'll confine myself to some common metrics.

First, Gender Role - "REAL Men don't eat quiche". Except they do, and it's not just Rosie the Riveter who works in factories now. I think we have common ground here that the social conventions of the past were the purest hokum, and are becoming increasingly irrelevant as any form of metric. No-one, except for possibly a few of the most antedeluvian (not even anteBellum) Dominionists thinks otherwise these days. Heck, at the ANU library there's a woman who is the purest "Diesel Dyke", tatoos and leather jacket, the works. Almost a caricature, which she admits. But it's her, the way she is. Oh yes, she's Trans too.

Second, Chromosomes. XX is for girls, XY for boys. Let's leave aside the XXYs and such like.
A 46,XY mother who developed as a normal woman underwent spontaneous puberty, reached menarche, menstruated regularly, experienced two unassisted pregnancies, and gave birth to a 46,XY daughter with complete gonadal dysgenesis.

- J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jan;93(1):182-9.

So much for that idea.

OK, what about the third.... Genitalia!
Let's leave aside the incidents of men losing theirs due to war, or accident, or treatment for cancer. And women who have had radical hysterectomies too.

The problem there is the Intersex conditions where the genitalia changes. Dichogamy. This is usually the result of either 5alpha-reductase-2 deficiency or 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-3 deficiency, but can be due to a number of other causes. Do these people actually "change sex"? They don't think so.

I'm on less solid ground here, as my objectivity is questionable. I'm one of them. So while my personal narrative is that I "knew" I was female long before my teens, no matter what I looked like, and can even prove that I'd picked the name "Zoe" some time between March and August 1968... I'm too close to the situation, and could be falling into the trap of Universalising my own experience.

Much as do so many Bisexuals, who say that sexual orientation is a "moral choice", that they "choose to be gay" or (far more often) "choose to be straight", and so think everyone else does too. Ignoring the fact that some people are born straight, others born gay, unlike them.

And you seem to agree with me that surgical procedures can't and don't make people into "real" women or men; indeed, the trend these days seems to be for even post-op transsexuals to refer to themselves, to paraphrase you, as "transsexual women rather than women." What's the point, especially when it involves (yes, I still think so) mutilation of the body?

One could just as well argue that Black Americans aren't "real" Americans, because the trend these days is for them to refer to themselves as "African Americans" rather than just plain "Americans".

The point is not to turn anybody into a "REAL" man or "REAL" woman - though I can't deny the extraordinary requirements for legal recognition in some jurisdictions, where even changing one's name (let alone gender marker on a drivers license) requires documentary proof of surgery. The point is to use hormones to remedy the neurological dysfunction, and surgery to remedy the body-map problem. The rest is social behaviour, and there are many transgendered (as opposed to transsexual) people who do just that.

Looking forward to your reply. It has taken me some time to answer your latest email not only because I needed to mull it over, but beacuase my mate's two sisters and their three young children have been visiting us for the past three days. Something like living in a zoo.

Oh, you mean Real Life gets in the way for you too? "Unimportant" stuff in the Grand Scheme Of Things, like family, and friends, and love, and children. The things that make Life worth living... yes, I know. I forgive you.

All the best,

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RadarGrrl said...

It sounds like you're actually making some headway with this guy. Keep us in the loop!

Unknown said...

Zoe, Chris Textor of does not want you to read this about Jake McCrann:

Tex you are entitled to your opinions and you are entitled to criticise me publically as I have made myself known unlike yourself who is a coward (but remember I know who you are). But you are not entitled to make shit up.
You claim that I can’t remember what school I went to? I went to Scotch College.
You claim I never went to University? I was at Melbourne University and Monash for 7 years. I did a BSc, a Masters in Business Systems, and 3/4 of my Chemical Engineering degree.
I’ve told you that before.
I did an IQ test to apply to Melbourne Grammer after being expelled from Gaileybury College. Its no big deal. But since you kept claiming I was obviously half-wit stupid because of my 9/11 Truth activism you asked for it.

Regarding my Scotch College and Melbourne University alumni it makes me untouchable. I can write whatever I want with full immunity from criminal prosecution. Unlike poor old Belal Khazaal who published a book on DIY Terrorism – one of my best books he fully plagerised. But rather than arrest Jake McCrann of Scotch College and Melbourne University they arrest some plagerist and give him 12 years.

My friend at Melbourne University was a rocket scientist. Not just a rocket scientist but one surrounded by the CIA and all international intel to peg for him. He disappeared in 2006. I imagine he went back to his home country - Iran. Why? Because his specialty was ICBM interceptor algorithms for which he won the Chancelors Prize for Best PhD at Melbourne University. Look up those prizes per year and you will work out who he is. And now Iran have an ICBM interceptor grid so formidible that the US nor Israel dare not try attack. I know it was him.

Anonymous said...

Both Nadir and Ahmed were born with a rare birth defect called male pseudohermaphrodism.

Deficiency of the hormone 17-B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17-B-HSD) during pregnancy left their male reproductive organs deformed and buried deep within their abdomens.

At birth, doctors identified Nadir and Ahmed as girls, because they appeared to have female genitalia.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Zoe is up to his old tricks again claiming intersex privilege. Give it up Zoe, You do not have 5ARD and you are not intersex. Your lying through your teeth about being intersex and can't admit or face the fact that transsexuality exist and Zoe Brain is a transsexual.

Zoe Brain said...

"Anonymous commenters - please add a signature (doesn't have to be your real name) on each post of yours. Anne O'Namus, Norm D. Ploom, Angry from Kent, Demosthenes, or even your real initials, it doesn't matter."

Nicky, aka Komododragon, I'd like you to meet Chris Textor.

Chris, meet Nick K.D Chaleunphone.

You two should get along well. You're very similar people in so many ways.

Chris, Nick's blog is here, and I think you would also find some like-minded people over at AROOO.

Zoe Brain said...

Anne O'Namus of 7:10 - you'll find a more detailed article on 17BHDD at an earlier post, 17BHDD, 5ARD and CAIS summarised.

Zimbel said...

"Much as do so many Bisexuals, who say that sexual orientation is a "moral choice", that they "choose to be gay" or (far more often) "choose to be straight", and so think everyone else does too. Ignoring the fact that some people are born straight, others born gay, unlike them."

-as a Bisexual, I've never heard of this. To me, Bisexuality means an ability to be attracted to members of either gender; one dosen't "choose" that any more than one "chooses" to be straight or gay.

Tara said...

Hi there. Great pieces. I look forward to following them, You might recognize my name from the threads you posted about from Queerty.

I hope to see more.

Interested in the comments above, because I noted your use of the intersex identity. Maybe I am not following your threads, as you are writing about some very detailed and fascinating stuff and I lack some framework, but what is the difference in your mind between intersex and transsexual and is there. Is this the murky waters of an autogynophile discussion? Just looking for framework. You can probably discern my stance from my comments on queerty.

Anyway I look fwd to more.

Lloyd Flack said...


It was nice for you to offer Chris some new chew toys. I don't think Nick will be suitable however. On the other hand AROO, seperatist lesbian feminists who hate all men have excelent potential in that role.

Chris, You have gathered such a lovely collection of chew toys from Joe Vialis on. Jake seems like an excelent acquisition.

And Nick, you are wasting your time. Some eyewitnesses here rememember? And Zoe never said she had 5ARD, just a a condition that had some similarities in that it causes a spontaneous change in apparent sex. And you've been told that. So come on either drop this claim and point out where Zoe made that claim.

Tex said...

Not just a rocket scientist but one surrounded by the CIA and all international intel to peg for him. He disappeared in 2006.

Yes, yes of course.

What was his name by the way?

Anonymous said...

Give it up Zoe, Your caught in your own web of lies and your digging yourself an even deeper hole and you know it. You conned people into believing that your an intersex person. You can't prove your intersex condition and you even leave a huge paper trail of all your rants on all the transsexuality sites including the Yahoo transsexual groups.

Your a transsexual who can't admit that and you are making up a fake claim of being an intersex person. Almost everyone who has seen your blog has told me that you are not an intersex person, but a transsexual in deep denial. Zoe, You are a sellout to both communities and you Zoe are a clear pathological liar. Even Feminist have outed out as being a man and not a woman. You are to the "The World's Ugliest Man wishing to be the World's Ugliest Woman". That's why Feminist do not recognize you as a woman. You are to them a FAILED MAN.

So as you go online posting all the lies and all the scams about being intersex. Their will be people like me exposing all the lies and all the scams that you have made and exposing you as a FAKE man and a MAN who lies about being an intersex person and a FAILED man who failed at manhood and is now trying womanhood. So no matter where you go online, their will be people who will expose you for being a Pathological Liar and a transsexual in deep denial.

Anonymous Woman said...

Who is this troll?

Zoe Brain said...

Nicky? You'll find him on AROOO and Aria Blue for that matter.

Nick Chaleunphone has managed to alienate all the groups he's ever claimed to be a part of, except the Radical Feminist Exclusionists.

Which I find hilarious, as he's a genuine example of the extremely misogynistic male they claim to oppose. But his frothing at the mouth rabid hatred of trans women means that he gets a pass.

Those groups he's persona non grata with now include every Intersex support group I'm aware of, plus various Firefighting groups, the US Coast Guard etc etc.

He's been cyberstalking me for many years. He's damaged, and his condition has led him to be not merely obnoxious (he uses hundreds of sockpuppets), but obsessive and utterly impervious to counter-argument. He just can't perceive what you say in reply. It's not that he's bad, or stupid. He's quite intelligent, and in some cases, insightful. But his condition is not just OCD, it shows signs of SAD.

Regardless of which of the many aliasses he uses, you can always tell his posts because of his repetitiousness. He is like Mojo Jojo, and resembles Mojo Jojo because he has a resemblance to Mojo Jojo, and he's like Mojo Jojo too because of that resemblance to Mojo Jojo.

If you get my drift. His style is unique.

Please be kind to him. He's had a rough life, and has been treated pretty abominably by his family and the medical profession.

Zoe Brain said...

Tara - anatomically speaking, transsexuality should, in theory, be regarded as just one more intersex condition amongst many.

But it may be more useful to separate it, at least for some purposes.

I am for most intents and purposes, TS (or formerly TS, or a woman born TS, or a woman of TS history, etc etc etc).

But biologically, I'm just plain odd, apart from that. I used to look male. Then I had a partial female puberty at age 47. So I'm a protandrous dichogamous pseudohermaphrodite, as opposed, say, to those who have 5ARD or 17BHDD, who are protogynous dichogamous pseudohermaphrodites.

Not the same, but similar. We all were born looking (mostly) like one sex, but naturally change to look more like the other. The change is (almost) always incomplete, and may be subtle, or extreme.

Anonymous said...

Zoe, Give it up. Your not an Intersex person. Your a Transsexual who's in deep denial. You can't admit that Transsexuality exist and you can't admit that your one of them. You lied too many times and one of these days, all those lies you posted online is going to catch up to you.

If people have some brain cells left, Google Zoe Brain's name and Search "Alan Brain" and see what comes up. The evidence is very clear and the evidence is their for people to see.

Zoe Brain is a Transsexual and is not even an Intersex person. Zoe is lying to his teeth about being intersex. The main question that Zoe never answered is why was Zoe Brain on those Yahoo transgender and transsexual groups and Why Zoe likes to deny it.

The fact is Zoe is a con artist and Zoe is Conning people into believing that he's an Intersex person. No one believes Zoe is an intersex person and Zoe has NO RIGHT to call himself and Intersex person.


Anonymous Woman said...

Ah, that person.

'Nicky' showed up and was chased off of Aria's site pretty much the same day.

He most certainly can't be 'found' there.