Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Personal Update

Over the weekend, Andrew contracted some form of spectacular Gastro-Intestinal Tract infection. So no sleep, cleaning up the mess and getting him drinks of water between the half-hourly barfs over the course of the night.

The last two days, I've had it too. So has Carmel - involving a call to the Ambulance service, as she has a neurological problem - she has petit mal seizures when she vomits. I made it back from the hospital - just - before tossing my cookies yet again, for the n-th time that day.

Anyway, correspondence, e-mails etc will be delayed, and it's not doing my PhD any good at all. I have a paper to complete before the 12th of January.


Tex said...

I can write your PhD. I know nothing of the subject, but as an arts graduate I can write voluminous impressive-looking word-babble to match the best of them.

Oh, and get better

Anonymous said...

Sounds like H1N1 to me. I hope you and your family get well soon!


RadarGrrl said...

This not good. Get better.

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Zoe family.

Healing hugs your way.


Laserlight said...

I was wondering why I hadn't heard back on my email of a few days ago. It's not unusual for people people to spew after they read my missives, but I'd have thought you were pun-hardened enough to be safe.

In case you didn't get it, please send a message to laserlight at verizon dot net when you get a chance--late January is okay.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon.
Cynthia Lee

Battybattybats said...

I hope you all get well soon!

Calamity Jane said...

Hi Zoe - apparently tis the season to be pukey falalalalala, I've been poorly too had 6 days in hosp with E. Coli in my new kidney, ick. Hope you and the family all recover very soon. CJ xx